Mary DeNuccio used fundraising money despite no colon cancer diagnosis

Mary DeNuccio on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.
Mary DeNuccio is in hot water with fans. Pic credit: TLC

If you thought the saga of Mary DeNuccio claiming to have colon cancer was over, boy, do we have news for you. 

Amid fierce backlash towards both Mary and her husband, Brandan DeNuccio, after it emerged that the former had not been diagnosed with colon cancer as previously claimed, the fundraiser the pair alleged was for medical bills disappeared from the internet. 

The common consensus amongst fans was that enough complaints forced the couple’s hand to cancel the fundraiser entirely or that the fundraising company got involved and shut it down. 

Either way, it seemed Mary would never see a dime of the money. 

That changed Wednesday evening when Mary took to her Instagram Stories to reveal that she had used the money sent by fans to pay for hospital bills. 

The controversial 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way? star prefaced her message by recognizing that she made a mistake and made the fundraiser without thinking. 

Mary is sorry but used the money anyway

The mother of one said that she was “very sorry” before claiming that she “really thought it was colon cancer” when her doctor said there was an issue with her colon. 

She went on to allege that “my English is not that good and perfect” before revealing she used the funds raised by fans for “hospital bills.”

Mary's Instagram Story
Mary DeNuccio admits she used fundraising money. Pic credit: @mary90dayfiance/Instagram

Mary went on to say that she knows her condition is “not colon cancer yet” and that she still has to return from the hospital. 

She said she recognized that she had made a mistake and “learned from it.”

Mary would like fans to dial down the criticism

The TLC star then asked fans to stop “sending me death threats and wishing me to die” before claiming to be in pain every day.

It’s been a shocking week, and something tells us this story is not slowing down. 

Whenever we think it’s over, something else pops up, making us question whether we’re in a fever dream. 

Brandan initially claimed that Mary had been diagnosed with colon cancer on Saturday morning via Instagram. 

“I humble asking for your financial help for Mary’s surgery to remove her colon cancer,” he wrote in the caption.

Brandan told people to stop spreading fake news

At the same time, he said that the couple “need help not judgments” and that “any amount” would help a lot “and save her life.”

As fans sounded the alarm over the fundraiser and cancer claims, Brandan fired back at those questioning the validity of his wife’s diagnosis, saying they are spreading “fake news.”

The criticism intensified when photos surfaced of the pair out to dinner, with Brandan retorting that Mary had been trying to push through despite being in pain. 

It’s been pretty crazy, to say the least, and something tells us they won’t be featured on any 90 Day Fiance-related content ever again. 

Brandan and Mary are probably gone from 90 Day Fiance for good

90 Day Fiance co-star Statler claimed late last year that TLC had cut ties with the couple because of their inability to keep storylines under wraps. 

The network has not confirmed that, but given that they’ve been giving plenty of updates – whether fans like them or not – on social media, it doesn’t sound like they’ve had a filming crew following their every move. 

The show likes to keep storylines under wraps so that viewers tune in. If every aspect of the stories were already out there before playing out on-screen, there’d be little incentive for fans to tune in. 

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus. A new season is expected to air in late 2025. 

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