Brandan and Mary fired from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way?

Mary and Brandan DeNuccio
Were Mary and Brandan DeNuccio fired from the show? Pic credit: @ace.steller16/Instagram/TLC

Speculations are running wild that the season’s most controversial couple has been fired from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

The claims are that Brandan and Mary DeNuccio got the axe, so don’t expect to see the couple on any spinoffs in the future.

While viewers have bashed production for exploiting the problematic pair by casting them on the show, their alleged firing has nothing to do with viewer feedback.

Let’s be honest: TLC viewers have been begging, urging, and even threatening to get Angela Deem and Big Ed Brown removed from the franchise for years, and instead, they were just cast in a new show.

They have never made decisions based on viewer feedback, and they’re not about to start now.

There’s another reason why Brandan and Mary were reportedly given their walking papers.

Here’s why Brandan and Mary were reportedly fired from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

The claims are that Brandan and Mary got fired for one reason: they broke the rules and shared too much.

The 90 Day Fiance cast members cannot share information about their relationship while the show is airing.

However, the couple did not abide, and we’ve seen several spoilers about them online.

Yahoo Entertainment revealed that cast member Statler Riley was the one who dropped the bomb during an Instagram Live.

She claimed that the duo had been fired for sharing much personal information about their relationship, thus spoiling the outcome of the show for viewers.

Statler isn’t wrong. While we’ve only been left to speculate about all the other couples this season, we’ve learned some juicy details about Brandan and Mary.

Brandan and Mary are already married

The new TLC stars didn’t inform their family about posting spoilers online, and they’ve shared some major details.

Monsters and Critics revealed back in July that Brandan and Mary are married. The couple tied the knot in the Philippines, and Brandan’s grandfather, Jon Stiggins, even shared photos from the couple’s wedding day on Facebook.

The images showed the 23-year-olds clad in their wedding attire while surrounded by their wedding party.

If that wasn’t obvious enough, the post read, “BRANDAN GOT MARRIED!!!!!” 

However, Mary’s Instagram was a dead giveaway that they tied the knot anyway. She now uses the surname DeNuccio and has “Brandan’s wife” proudly displayed on her bio.

Meanwhile, that’s not the only spoiler about the couple that has come to light. A woman named Cubie on TikTok, said to be Brandan’s cousin, revealed that Mary and Brandan are expecting a child together.

“They are still together, and they’re having a baby,” she said.

Meanwhile, if you need more proof that the duo is still going strong, here’s a video from their joint TikTok account posted a few hours ago.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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