Martha Stewart gushes over ‘cinematography’ after watching The Kardashians premiere

Martha Stewart compliments The Kardashians
Martha Stewart compliments The Kardashians after their series premiere. Pic credit: @marthastewart48/Instagram

Many viewers tuned in from all over to catch the first episode of The Kardashians, which aired on Hulu.

Kris Jenner shared that the premiere was the most-watched in Hulu history.

One of those viewers happened to be Martha Stewart, and Martha had a riveting comment for The Kardashians after watching the first episode. 

Martha Stewart compliments The Kardashians regarding their great cinematography 

Martha Stewart is well-known for her endearing commentary. After she posted a picture on her Instagram, she received a comment from none other than Kris Jenner.

Martha posted an image of her holding a wheelbarrow, surrounded by other wheelbarrows. 

Kris took it upon herself to comment, “these, and you are Fabulous! (heart-eyed emoji).” 

Then Martha replied, “watched episode one, great cinematography, and everyone looks amazing.” 

Kris and Martha have been acquaintances for quite a while, so some fans were surprised by Martha’s reply to Kris Jenner.

Many fans bought that Martha’s comment on The Kardashian show was harmless and playful, considering the two know one another well. 

However, many fans felt that Martha was being shady.

Some of the fans, who missed the sly comment towards Kris, mainly focused on Martha, the wheelbarrows, and imagery.

Many fans felt that Martha’s compliment was backhanded

Many fans caught Martha’s backhanded compliment and were simply unbothered by her actions

One fan commented, “you really gonna not pick up how she wasn’t really complimenting them lol.” 

Some fans were shocked that other's weren't picking up on Martha Stewart's shade.
Pic credit: @marthastewart48/Instagram

A fan replied to that comment and said, “right? Martha is shady as h**l with that comment, and I am loving it, lol.”

Another fan commented, “Oh, Martha. “Cinematography?” Is that shade? Like when she baked with JULIA CHILD and said to her: “Oh, you’ve made the rustic version…” (shocked face emoji).” 

Fans reflect on Martha's prior shady comments.
Pic credit: @marthastewart48/Instagram

So many fans were simply amused at how well Martha Stewart was able to keep her composure and throw so much shade at The Kardashians without saying much of anything. The ability to throw shade without being direct is a capability that many wish they had. 

The Kardashian crew and their excellent cinematography have certainly made their marks in Hulu history.

Although the attention quickly shifted from Martha Stewart and her new wheelbarrows, the fact remained that Martha Stewart was an extremely talented and very busy businesswoman. Despite running multiple successful companies, the entrepreneur still has the time to throw the occasional shade.

The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu.