Married at First Sight spoilers: Are things coming to an end between Bao and Johnny?

MAFS Bao looks confused
MAFS Bao is confused by Johnny’s accusations Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight Season 13 may be heating up but Bao and Johnny’s marriage is cooling down–way down. The new trailer reveals the couple might not be making it to Decision Day after all.

The new MAFS trailer is out, and things are not looking good for Bao and Johnny.

Bao and Johnny may be calling it quits

The trailer begins with Johnny telling Bao that he wants to take the physical component of their relationship off the table. He goes on to explain that he doesn’t want to “just kiss her to kiss her” and that he just wasn’t there yet. Implying he wasn’t feeling enough of a connection with Bao to continue being physical.

Bao then gets honest with Johnny and tells him that she feels like she is being forced to just “go along with” whatever works for Johnny. Johnny retorts that they didn’t have to do the relationship at all and then is shown storming out of the bed where the two were having the conversation.

This is not the only tough conversation the two have had recently. The trailer revisits the couple’s meeting with the show’s expert Pastor Cal, from the week before, where Johnny revealed he “wished he was matched with literally anyone else.”

Johnny also told Pastor Cal that he had not wanted to take Bao to his family’s barbeque because he did not want them all getting attached to each other if he didn’t even like Bao. Some harsh words there, Johnny.

And judging from the trailer, Johnny’s harsh words are far from over.

Bao and Johnny’s relationship rollercoaster

Things have not exactly been smooth sailing for Johnny and Bao over the last few weeks and it looks like the upcoming weeks will not be calm seas either.

The couple started off at the top of ours and many others’ Most Likely to Succeed lists, but even as early as the honeymoon, cracks in the relationship began to show. By the time the two got back from the honeymoon, Johnny was already questioning his marriage to Bao.

In fact, Johnny left the apartment the first night, and it is questionable if he ever spent another night there. The two continued to try to rekindle the initial spark they had on their honeymoon, but aside from a brief interlude where their physical chemistry improved, the two still couldn’t seem to make a deeper connection.

The trailer ends with Johnny revealing to Bao that he had not been attracted to her and that was why they had never dated before in the 15 years they had known each other. We could definitely see why many fans have taken to social media accusing Johnny’s comments towards Bao as being toxic. He definitely does not seem to be taking Bao’s feelings into much consideration with the truth bombs he is dropping.

In response, Bao fires back to the cameras saying that she is not going to be unappreciated anymore. Could this mean that Bao is finally ready to call it quits?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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