Married at First Sight relocates casting from Chicago to Atlanta: Here’s how to get on the show

Married at First Sight
City singles looking for love take a chance on Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight may still be in the middle of its tenth season, but casting is now underway for the reality show’s next installment.

Though casting was originally intended for Chicago, the casting call has now been moved to the city of Atlanta.

Kinetic Casting, the company that finds talent for the Lifetime experimental series, made the announcement that they were moving to Atlanta just two days after posting the Chicago call.

The following message was posted to the Kinetic Casting and MAFS Facebook pages:

“ANNOUNCEMENT for all Married At First Sight hopefuls: Due to unforeseen circumstances we are now CASTING MAFS out of ATLANTA! We will need to revisit Chicago at a later date! If you or anyone you know are single, reside in Atlanta and are ready to take the ultimate leap of faith, APPLY TODAY at mafsatlanta.castingcrane.com.”

Facebook fans react to relocation

After the announcement, one displeased Facebook user remarked: “I’m so sad that it was moved to ATL [Atlanta]; I was willing to relocate to Chicago since it’s so close to STL [St. Louis], whose dating scene is just like ATL and needs help bad.”

Kinetic Casting assured fans that they would return to Chicago for casting in the future.

The company went on to say that “There are a ton of factors that go into selecting our next location. All we can do is encourage you to apply from no matter where you are because if there are a lot of applicants from a particular city, that could steer us to your city in the future!”

Applying to MAFS

On the MAFS website, interested candidates can apply by filling out a questionnaire.

Fill-in questions range from typical items, such as name, eye color, height, birth date, and so on, to other types of inquires.

Some dating-centric questions include “How important is it for you to be matched with someone from the same race or ethnicity as you?,” “How has your parents’ relationship impacted the way you view love?,” and “What are your non-physical deal breakers?”

Those that apply must also upload at least one face photo and full body photo, and include links to his or her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles.

Filming throughout the country

The Married at First Sight filming locations have changed throughout the seasons, with previous installments shot in New York City, Miami, Boston, Dallas, and Philadelphia.

Last year’s casting took place in Washington D.C., where producers looked for singles who were tired of the hustle and bustle of the DC dating scene and ready to settle down.

Season 10 matched up couples Katie & Derek, Jessica & Austin, Taylor & Brandon, Meka & Michael, and Mindy & Zach, who seem to be going through the most difficult time.

After meeting for the first time on their big day, each couple has been spending several weeks having their lives documented, from the wedding ceremony, reception, and honeymoon, to the trials and tribulations of moving in together and adjusting to married life.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime

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