Married at First Sight sighting: One couple look to still be together, but another was ringless

Katie and derek
A Married at First Sight couple was seen with their rings on while dining in LA, while another cast member was ringless. Pic credit: Lifetime

One Married at First Sight couple appears to still to be together after reportedly being spotted with their wedding rings on — while another member of the cast was seen without their spouse.

The sighting came as the cast of Season 10 was in Los Angeles today to film for the reunion. As first reported by MAFS blogger Mafsfan, some of the cast members went to Tequila Jack’s in Long Beach, California, where they were spotted by eagle-eyed viewers.

Couple spotted wearing their rings

One of the favorite couples of the season — Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer — were pictured by a fan sitting at a table together. And both of them were said to be wearing their wedding rings!

This would be great news for fans of the show — since we have already learned about three couples who have allegedly called it quits, with two of the couples filing for divorce before the honeymoon episodes had aired.

Brandon filed for divorce from Taylor prior to the weddings being finished, which was a first in Married at First Sight history. Then viewers learned that Michael had also filed for divorce from Meka prior to the conclusion of the honeymoons airing.

There was also a spoiler that Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice decided on Decision Day to opt for divorce. This was not surprising, considering that Zach has told Mindy several times that he is not attracted to her.

Mafsfan reunion tea
Mafsfan told us this morning that the cast was in LA for the taping of the reunion. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan
Austin at Tequila Jacks
Austin was spotted by a viewer at Tequila Jacks in California. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan
Jessica at Tequila Jacks
Jessica was spotted at the restaurant right across the table from her husband Austin. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

Who was spotted at another table without a ring on?

According to Mafsfan, Mindy was also seen at Tequila Jack’s in Long Beach, but she was seated at a different table from Jessica and Austin, and she reportedly didn’t have a wedding ring on her finger. Zach was not mentioned as being there, either.

Mafsfan Instagram
Mafsfan let us know that Mindy was at a different table without her wedding ring. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

Considering the rumors that Zach and Mindy not only split up on Decision Day but also didn’t even move in together after the honeymoons, it wouldn’t be shocking that Mindy took her wedding ring off. The exciting news, however, is that it looks like not everyone this season will end up divorced.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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