Mark Long, other Challenge stars celebrate All Stars teaser trailer reaching one million views

the challenge all stars teaser trailer helmet shot
The Challenge All Stars teaser trailer has gone over one million views. Pic credit: Paramount+

The release of The Challenge: All Stars teaser trailer has brought plenty of excitement about the upcoming spinoff season involving Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat stars from various seasons.

While the teaser only reveals a glimpse of what to expect, it’s clear that many fans have decided to check it out to see what they can decipher from the clip.

Mark Long, known as “The Godfather of Reality TV,” helped bring the concept to life and recently celebrated the trailer’s success, as it racked up over a million views in just a day.

Mark Long shares success of Challenge All Stars teaser

Fans had been hoping for a “We Want OGs” spinoff season for The Challenge and finally got it in the form of a show called The Challenge All Stars. The official announcement came this past Wednesday, along with a 15-second teaser trailer.

It revealed that Paramount+ streaming platform would be the home for the spinoff season rather than MTV. The Challenge All Stars teaser also showed off six of the cast members’ first names out of 22.

The Challenge OG himself, Mark Long, took to Twitter on Thursday to comment about the success of the teaser for the upcoming show.

“1,000,000 views in 24 hours…No big deal,” Mark shared in a tweet with a screenshot showing the Paramount+ trailer had reached 1M views on YouTube.

Other Challenge stars, past and present, posted about the teaser doing big numbers. They included Double Agents cast members Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell and Darrell Taylor.

“Freaking awesome!! I’m so excited and proud for them,” Ashley tweeted, sharing Mark’s screenshot.

“Congrats,” Darrell Taylor tweeted. The Double Agents competitor is rumored to be featured in the All Stars spinoff cast.

“I’m like a kid on Christmas morning!! I can’t wait!!!!” former Real World and Challenge star Melinda Stolp tweeted. A fan replied to Melinda’s comment suggesting she should be on Season 2, prompting Melinda to reply with a fingers crossed emoji.

In another tweet, a fan congratulated Mark Long on bringing his vision to life with the arrival of the teaser trailer in under a year.

“7 months during a pandemic but who’s counting,” Mark retweeted with the fan’s original comment.

mark long retweets fan comment about challenge all stars
Pic credit: @TheMarkLong/Twitter

The teaser has gone on to tally many more views since Long’s celebration of one million. As of this writing, the YouTube teaser trailer had nearly 1.7 million views and counting.

“Let’s get this sucker to 2 million views before midnight Clock face twelve oclock,” the official We Want OGs Twitter posted on Friday.

Challenge stars react to All Stars on Instagram

In addition to Twitter, The Challenge OG Mark Long also shared the teaser video on the Instagram platform a few days ago. That brought in a flood of comments from fans and Challenge stars, past and present.

“Don’t ever doubt the #GODFATHER …coming soon! @challengeallstars @wewantogs @paramountplus,” Mark wrote in his IG post’s caption.

“Legend,” Big Brother and Challenge star Paulie Calafiore commented.

“You really are a legend,” Double Agents competitor Cory Wharton commented.

“You did it! Thank you allllll ?,” All Stars cast member Ruthie Alcaide commented.

“proud of you Mark!” Brittany Baldi commented.

Other comments on the IG post came from The Challenge host TJ Lavin, Double Agents Aftermath host Devyn Simone, and Challenge competitors Kendal Sheppard and Shauvon Torres.

As of this report, an official cast list, premiere date, and full-length trailer for The Challenge All Stars have yet to arrive. However, Challenge fans now know they’ll have more of their favorite show on the way once the Double Agents season ends.

The Challenge: All Stars premiere date is TBA on Paramount Plus.

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