Mariah Brown’s fiancee defends her against homophobic Sister Wives troll

Mariah and Audrey on Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC
Mariah and Audrey on Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Mariah Brown, one of the 18 Brown kids on Sister Wives, came out as gay to her parents in 2016.

All five of Mariah’s parents- her biological parents Meri and Kody plus her three “sister moms” Christine, Robyn, and Janelle- have embraced Mariah and accepted her sexuality.

The family welcomed Mariah’s girlfriend Audrey with open arms when the two began dating in 2017.

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Mariah and Audrey got engaged last year, and while the Brown family is thrilled for the couple, they’ve had to deal with lots of hate from strangers online.

A fan told Meri that Mariah was set for ‘eternal damnation’

Meri has been fairly active on Instagram recently and posted a photo of herself and Mariah at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, her Bed & Breakfast.

Meri's Instagram post. Pic credit: @therealmeribrown / Instagram
Meri’s Instagram post. Pic credit: @therealmeribrown / Instagram

While fan reaction to the post was overwhelmingly positive, one commenter took the photo as an opportunity to hate on Mariah. The commenter wrote that Mariah was “willfully choosing to live in rebellion of the Holy spirit” and that she will be “ushered into eternal damnation.”

It was a strange and entirely unnecessary comment, but after years in the spotlight, the Browns have become masters of the clap back.

Audrey responds to the haters

Mariah’s girlfriend Audrey managed to clap back at the viewer while keeping the tone positive and avoiding insults.

She hilariously replied to the hater by writing, “Sign us up! can’t wait to be in flames with all the other gays! ????”

Many fans were impressed that Audrey managed to stay kind while defending herself against someone so negative. They offered their own words of support to the engaged couple.

“Ill stand with you as a straight woman that isnt brainwashed by religion #loveislove hmm didnt ‘god’ create everyone ?” wrote one fan.

Another replied directly to the hater, writing, “That was not a nice comment. At all. Since you write about the Holy Spirit I’m assuming that you base these beliefs on Christianity, is that correct? Praying for people is nice when it comes from a place of genuine love for them. But I don’t quite remember where in the bible Jesus said that it was our duty to judge each other or try and shame, scare or threaten people on his behalf?”

Mariah and Audrey have faced haters before, and they’ve never let the negativity get them down, so it’s safe to say they won’t take the comment too personally.

Although the couple publicly announced their engagement more than a year ago, they haven’t publicly announced a wedding date. Mariah has said in the past that they’d like to wait until after she finishes school to get married, so fans may have a bit more time to wait before they can see the pair tie the knot.

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