Maria Georgas warns The Bachelor fans about imposter

Maria Georgas on The Bachelor
Maria Georgas offered up a warning for her social media followers. Pic credit: ABC

Maria Georgas has received quite a bit of screentime on Season 28 of The Bachelor.

She was thrust into drama with Sydney Gordon starting in Episode 2, and the fun hasn’t stopped yet.

Even though Sydney went home in Episode 4, there’s still more feuding for Maria as she continues to focus on her connection with Joey Graziadei.

After Sydney’s exit, Lea Cayanan stepped in to fill the drama void, questioning Madina’s loyalty and immediately taking aim at Maria, whom she now apparently cannot stand.

Jess also got in on the action, calling Maria out of her name and then apologizing for it after the episode aired.

With so much of the focus on Maria this season, there have been calls to make her the next Bachelorette star — and she’s receiving some unwanted attention on social media too.

Maria Georgas issues a warning

Maria Georgas is so popular that someone made an X (formerly Twitter) account with her name on it.

In her Instagram stories, Maria shared a screenshot of the X account @mariaageorgas, which is a pretty entertaining account, by the way.

Over the top of the screenshot, she wrote, “NOT ME!!”

It seems that the screenshot was either sent to her or she was tagged in it on Instagram because someone else was asking to confirm if it was her.

Maria Georgas' Instagram story
Maria Georgas is warning her fans about a fake account. Pic credit: @maria.georgas/Instagram

The fake Maria has since added “(not her)” after her name on the X account to let everyone know that it’s not really the Season 28 Bachelor star.

Are The Bachelor viewers tired of Maria Georgas?

Maria Georgas has been featured so much on The Bachelor this season that some viewers are calling for her to be The Bachelorette lead.

Others are getting tired of the drama, and since she’s stuck right in the middle of it, whether she wants to be or not, they are ready for her to go home.

After Sydney Gordon was sent packing and then Madina Alam went home right after her, Lea Cayanan and Jess Edwards stepped up to fill that drama void.

While plenty of viewers are ready for Lea and Jess to pack their bags, some Bachelor fans think Maria’s exit is also much needed and hope she’ll go home soon.

It seems to be pretty split between The Bachelor viewers — at this point — regarding whether they’re tired of Maria or love her and want more. It’s pretty clear that she’s cemented herself in Bachelor Nation, so don’t be surprised if we see her around quite a bit after Joey’s season ends.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 month ago

Maria needed to go sooner than she did. She was a total b**** the whole time….