Maria Georgas thought Sydney Gordon drama was planned because of Bachelor Nation friendship

Maria Georgas on The Bachelor
Maria Georgas thought she was set up by her Bachelor Nation friend. Pic credit: ABC

Maria Georgas had a friend in Bachelor Nation before she became The People’s Princess on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor.

And she never expected to have drama with any of the women while filming the show.

But she definitely had drama with multiple women while trying to win over Joey on the last season of The Bachelor.

While she was watching the season back, one that she did confirm gave her a fair edit, Maria said that she had an a-ha moment where she thought maybe the Sydney Gordon drama was a setup.

After all, they had friends in Bachelor Nation before filming the season.

Maria confessed that she’s a longtime friend of Nick Viall, and we already know that Sydney Gordon is friends with Ashley Iaconneti.

Maria Georgas shares how Nick Viall thought she’d be the villain

Maria Georgas opened up about what went on behind the scenes while filming Joey’s season of The Bachelor during a chat with Alex Cooper on the Call Her Daddy podcast.

She spoke in depth about the Sydney Gordon drama and how it all unfolded.

But she also mentioned why she thought her friend might be behind it.

Maria told Alex that, before she even started filming, she always wanted to go on The Bachelor, something Nick knew.

She also said that Nick always told her that if she did go on the show, she’d be right in the middle of the drama even when Maria said that was the farthest from what she would want.

She recalled that Nick told her, “‘I can see you being the villain.’ He’s like, ‘You’re going to go on. You’re going to be the villain,’ And I was like, ‘why me?'”

“I didn’t go in there and try to piss people off,” Maria continued. “But I remember him saying, ‘People are going to come after you no matter what. I can just see it. You’re going to be the villain.’ It was just funny because after I finished filming, there was rumors about me being a villain.”

And then, Maria was the villain

So while the show was airing, Maria said she started to suspect that Nick Viall was in on a plot to make her The Bachelor’s biggest villain or maybe a victim to the real villain after Sydney Gordon wouldn’t stop coming for her.

“I remember someone sent me a photo of Nick and Sydney together. They were all friends because Sydney’s friends with Ashley, and Nick’s close with Ashley and Ashley’s close with Sydney,” Maria recalled.

“Part of me was like, was this all planned? Because I knew I was innocent, hand to God. So, when this all started happening, and then imagine dealing with that in the house and then coming out and seeing that she’s friends with Nick, I was like, there’s something conspiring,” she added.

It’s no secret that spending so much time filming a show like The Bachelor can make someone a bit paranoid, especially when they get sucked into the drama in the way that Maria was.

She dished, “I was like, there’s something weird about all this. Because it was too close to home.”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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