Maria Georgas says The Bachelor two-on-one date with Sydney and Joey is the ‘last thing I wanted’

Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon on The Bachelor
Maria Georgas is commenting on upcoming two-on-one date with Sydney and Joey. Pic credit: ABC

The drama is heating up next week on The Bachelor when two episodes air – one coming in on Monday night and another following on Tuesday.

So far, the feud between Sydney Gordon and Maria Georgas has been taking over, and it looks like we’ll be getting more of that.

It all started when Sydney overheard Maria talking about her age in response to something Madina said – and tried to turn it against Maria.

But the joke’s on her because The Bachelor viewers called out Sydney for being a troublemaker, and some even want her to go home.

But Joey opted to leave both ladies in the mansion – that means even more drama is heading our way.

We saw in a sneak peek for next week’s The Bachelor double episode that Sydney would be starting trouble with Maria in Malta, but now we know that it’s about to get really dramatic.

Maria Georgas reveals a two-on-one date that involves Sydney Gordon and Joey Graziadei

The Bachelor cast should be enjoying a romantic trip to Malta, but instead, it looks like we’re getting a double dose of drama by way of Sydney and Maria.

In her Instagram Stories, Maria revealed that in Malta, she’ll be going on a two-on-one date that includes Joey Graziadei and Sydney Gordon.

Over the video, she wrote, “The last thing I wanted to do was be on a 2 on 1 but here we are. Tune in Monday.”

In a confessional shown in the short clip, Maria proclaimed, “She is trying to ruin my time here.”

It’s almost like production is doing this intentionally to throw gasoline on an already burning feud between the two women.

And from what we’ve seen in the sneak peek, Sydney will again complain to Joey about Maria and the “bullying” that no one believes she is actually doing.

We don’t know how that will all end or if anyone will go home behind it, but we do know that Maria isn’t excited about this date, and she’d likely have preferred to share time with Joey with any other woman in the cast than Sydney.

The Bachelor viewers want Sydney Gordon to go home

Sydney Gordon has been working relentlessly to get Maria Georgas sent home on The Bachelor, but viewers have been vocal about hoping she’s the one who ends up without a rose.

It seems that no one believes Sydney’s claims that she’s being bullied and harassed, instead calling her out on social media for refusing to leave Maria alone and singing Maria’s praises.

The hate has been so intense that Maria even took to her Instagram Stories this week and asked viewers to be kind.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC with a special Tuesday episode airing this week on 8/7c.

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Clara Robinson
Clara Robinson
2 months ago

Maria should stay & the other one is a bully & needs to go!