Maria Georgas defends dad after claims he threw shade at Daisy Kent

Maria Georgas on The Bachelor
Maria Georgas is standing up for her dad. Pic credit: ABC

Maria Georgas’ dad is under fire after comments he made recently on a podcast.

Following The Bachelor’s After The Final Rose special, the most popular cast members and their families have been making the rounds, sharing their insights with several podcasts.

Maria and Daisy Kent have been making the rounds as they share more details about what happened while filming with Joey Graziadei.

Maria’s dad, Nick Georgas, also made a recent podcast appearance where he was asked questions about his daughter’s appearance and plans.

After Nick answered a seemingly simple question while appearing on the BachMakers podcast, The Bachelor fans took aim, assuming he was taking a cheap shot at Daisy Kent.

Maria took no time to defend her dad and to defend him against anyone who thought he was taking a shot at her The Bachelor co-star.

Here’s what Nick Georgas had to say

While visiting BachMakers, Nick made it clear that he’s a huge fan of Jenn Tran who was named the new star of The Bachelorette in a shocking move during After the Final Rose.

“I’m not going to say too much about The Bachelorette,” Nick replied. “You know, I don’t think anybody should really say too much about The Bachelorette, because that’s not fair to Jenn… Jenn is a great person and it’s her show.”

Nick went on to say that other cast members shouldn’t share that they were asked to be The Bachelorette but turned it down – suggesting that it takes away from Jenn”s shine as the new star of the woman-led spin-off.


Its Jenn’s show and we’re so ready for it 🍿🍿 #bachelornation

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Some Bachelor fans thought Maria’s dad took a shot at Daisy Kent

Even though Nick Georgas was responding to a question about his daughter, Maria, and her thoughts on being The Bachelorette, some thought he was taking a shot at Daisy Kent – who did turn down the role on After the Final Rose when she told Jesse Palmer that she just wasn’t ready.

One listener took to the comments and wrote, “I feel like he’s shading daisy now.”

Maria popped in to clear things up, writing, “I can assure you my dad has not seen any interviews w Daisy. Nothing to do with anyone else! just his take on the questions he’s being asked” followed by a heart emoji.

To that, another listener responded, “You are a class act like your father [sigh emoji] Cannot wait to see what you do next.”

Maria defends her dad's The Bachelorette comments
Maria Georgas is sticking up for her dad. Pic credit: @backmakers/TikTok

It’s been rumored that Maria also turned down a Bachelorette role, though she’s been pretty quiet about it.

One of her The Bachelor co-stars claimed Maria was offered the spot before Jenn was given the gig.

The Bachelorette is coming this summer to ABC.

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