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Maria denies David Murphey’s claims, takes aim at Caesar Mack in conversation with Jesse Meester

Maria responds to Caeaser and David's claims
Maria talks Caesar Mack and David Murphey. Pic credit: Jesse Meester/Youtube.

Caesar Mack’s appearance on the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 4 Tell All brought his ex-girlfriend Maria back into the spotlight.

When Caesar appeared during filming, David Murphey opened up about his own dealings with Maria, revealing that he had communicated with her on a dating website several years ago.

Soon after, Maria went live on Instagram with Jesse Meester to clear her name and to question David Murphey’s story that he talked to Maria and remembered it despite his admission that he talked to 1,000 girls from Ukraine.

Maria says Caesar needs to move on

Jesse kicked off the interview by delving into Caesar’s appearance on the 90 Day Tell All, saying, “We all saw the latest Tell All and that triggered again a response for you, why is he still talking about me, why is he still spreading the narrative of him sending money, of you being a…user when none of that is true?”

The Ukrainian native responded, ” Yeah… some people text me on Instagram and say that he start talking about me some unnecessary things.”

She continued, “I cannot see all the videos but yesterday I checked and it was like, he’s saying like oh my gosh. Like move on, why he can’t stop talking about me.”

Maria added, “Okay you got your fame…he says he will be on another TV show so…okay you’re famous so move on. Catch your star and do your shows but leave me alone. Why you still talking about me.”

Maria also questioned Caesar’s motives saying, “I don’t know why he’s doing it, why he can’t leave me alone.”

Maria talks about David Murphey

The 28-year-old also shared her frustration at David Murphey mentioning her at the reunion.

“When he talked to me five years ago, he said he was talking [to] about 1000 women, but he remember me?” She continued, “And he mentioned that I’m high maintenance, like what? ”

She also shared her views on the popular TLC show saying, “It seems like anyone can come on the show and say that he talk to me… where is the proof? It’s like I was really surprised!”

“Did he or did he not talk with you?” Jesse asked, adding, “He claims that.  Is that a lie or is it made up or were you on that website?”

“It’s made up with him and Caesar because it’s like ridiculous to me.” Maria responded.

She also called the men’s behavior childish saying “50 and 60-year-old guys, they’re trying to act like 10 years kids, like come on.”

As for Meester, he’s clearly taking Maria’s side in the drama, claiming that TLC is creating a narrative of Maria being a villain and Caesar being a victim.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is now on hiatus.

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