Mara Agrait gives a public service announcement after becoming The Bachelor’s next villain

Mara Agrait
Mara Agrait defends herself after becoming a villain. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 26 has set up its next villain in Mara Agrait. 

After getting rid of the Shrimpgate instigator Shanae Ankney, Mara has taken the mantle as the pot-stirrer in the house and has particularly targeted the youngest woman in the house, Sarah Hamrick. 

With The Bachelor viewers starting to turn on Mara and critique her behavior, Mara shared a public service announcement for people to keep in mind that they may not be getting the whole story. 

Mara Agrait sends a reminder to The Bachelor viewers 

As the oldest woman in the house, Mara Agrait has expressed her belief that she is the most prepared to settle down and be a wife and has shared her skepticism with Clayton that some of the ladies, namely Sarah Hamrick, are not ready to settle down and get serious about an engagement at the end of the season.

Mara has been very vocal about who she thinks is not wife age or wife material in the house which has rubbed The Bachelor viewers the wrong way as some find Mara’s behavior to be immature and her take on “wife material” to be misogynistic. 

After receiving her fair share of criticism, Mara took to her Instagram stories to defend herself and address how she’s being depicted on the show. 

In Mara’s video, she placed “public service announcement” at the bottom as she shares, “Public service announcement: What you see, what you think you know, and what really is are not one in the same. Remember that.” 

Mara Agrait Instagram story
Pic credit: @agreat_mara/Instagram

Mara also shared a quote from her interview with the Click Bait podcast as she further defended her ability to detect insincerity. 

Mara’s quote read, “I think I’ve lived enough, traveled enough, and seen enough bulls*** where I can just detect it. My radar is very good.”

Mara Agrait Instagram story
Pic credit: @agreat_mara/Instagram

Mara Agrait says ‘hate me all you want’ 

Continuing to address her new villain status, Mara suggested that The Bachelor viewers don’t understand who she really is. 

Mara shared a video of a child showing some affection to a cat as she wrote, “Hate me all you want…But when you finally understand who I really am…(when you’re ready, I’ll be here).” 

Mara Agrait Instagram story
Pic credit: @agreat_mara/Instagram

The latest episode of The Bachelor Season 26 ended on a cliffhanger and appears to be gearing up for a face-off between Sarah and Mara. 

Time will tell if Mara redeems her reputation or leans further into the villainy.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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