Malaysia Pargo on Basketball Wives: Where is she from, what is her real name and more

Malaysia Pargo takes aim at Jennifer Williams on the Basketball Wives finale in Amsterdam
Many Basketball Wives fans know Malaysia is not her real name and she hails from Compton — Pic credit: VH1

Malaysia Pargo was an original Basketball Wives LA cast member and stayed with the VH1 hit for all five seasons. When the casts merged and dropped the LA, Malaysia stayed on board, but not with a few bumps along the way.

As we all saw in the Season 7 finale of Basketball Wives, Malaysia has a temper and she can fight. After Jennifer touched on her absolute last nerve and lied to Evelyn right in front of her, Malaysia snapped.

Where is Malaysia Pargo from?

Acting as if we forgot, Malaysia brought up her roots in Compton and her willingness to beat down anyone who dares to disrespect her. Pargo brings up her roots often as it’s a place she is proud to have been raised.

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It’s no secret that Malaysia is a Compton success story. She was born in the Southern California city on August 12, 1980, making her a Leo.

Malaysia met her ex-husband, Jannero Pargo, at a party in Los Angeles when she was just 22 years old. The two went on to get married in 2006 and had three children together. Malaysia filed for divorce in 2014 after rumors that he was not faithful.

What is Malaysia’s real name?

It’s not a secret that Malaysia is not the Basketball Wives star’s real first name. Her birth name is Laquisha, though it’s never really been explained why she goes by Malaysia Pargo instead.

Malaysia Pargo’s real name was brought up on the Basketball Wives season finale. The other women were discussing how angry she had become, making sure to mention both her birth name and hometown as if that gave her superpowers.

Then again, as Malaysia (ahem, Laquisha) said herself, the reason she didn’t insist on beating the brakes off Jennifer Williams in Amsterdam had a little to do with possible jail time and a lot to do with it not being a fair fight.

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