Magi Tareke calls out Katie Thurston over African country flub, Bachelor Nation takes aim after her response

The Bachelorette Katie Thurston is getting some serious backlash over her “apology” to former Bachelor contestant Magi Tareke over her lack of knowledge about African geography.

Nick Viall has had plenty to say about the current season and the guys Katie’s dating. Nick had Katie on his podcast last month and asked her to name four African countries.

He probably had no idea that her response, or lack thereof, would ignite such a firestorm in Bachelor Nation. But when she couldn’t even name one, replying that she “needs to get out more,” many took issue with it.

Magi Tareke offers to help Katie Thurston learn more about Africa

In fact, Katie’s former suitemate and castmate, Magi Tareke, spoke up about the mistake and took real issue with it since she is from Ethiopia herself, and Matt James is part Nigerian.

Magi’s tone was gentle but assertive.

In her Instagram story on July 22 which has since expired, Magi said, “I got so many DMs asking me about Katie’s interview and a question if she [knew] African countries, and she didn’t mention mine.”

Although she wasn’t snarky, her message to Katie was clear.

She continued, “Well, I’m from Tigray from Ethiopia. Now you know…By the way, Matt is half Nigerian. So, Nigeria, Ethiopia. Now you know two countries. If you need to know more let me know, I’ll teach you.”

Katie Thurston’s response to Magi Tareke didn’t sit well with The Bachelorette fans

Once Magi’s comment trickled back to Katie, she posted her own reaction, which is where Katie’s trouble started. The Bachelor Reddit had some things to say about it, and they weren’t all supportive.

It’s mostly the tone of Katies’ response that had Reddit users up in arms. Some said she came off as dismissive and defensive, positioning herself as a victim.

One user said Katie’s behavior was both “aggressive” and “embarrassing” and called out how insensitive it was to Magi’s family in Ethiopia.

Reddit users respond to Katie Thurston
Katie’s response isn’t received well. Pic credit: @manicpixiememegirl/Reddit

One Redditor calls Katie “condescending” and took note of the “proper weird vibe” she projected.

Reddit users react to Katie Thurston
Katie’s post has a “weird vibe.” according to one follower. Pic credit: @milkandhuni/Reddit

Reddit poster Atassic mentioned how Magi’s post was far less caustic than Katie’s and said it was “very uncomfortable to watch.”

Fans react to Katie Thurston's response
It’s “uncomfortable to watch,” says one poster. Pic credit: @atassic/Reddit

Although the majority of the comments skewed negatively, Kaite had a few supporters. Or rather, people who just didn’t see the big deal about what they consider a pretty common mistake.

Reddit user JustforKicks16 said Katie was just “exasperated” over the blowback and they commiserated with her effort to learn.

Fans respond to Katie Thurston
Katie has a few supporters. Pic credit: @justforkicks16/Reddit

Viewers of both Katie and Matt’s seasons have seen her stand up for herself and for others, which likely caused many to believe her response was out of character for her.

Either way, her response is getting a lot of feedback from viewers and fans of the franchise, and it seems like it may be causing some fans to turn on her.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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