MAFS: Virginia Coombs reflects on reality TV stint while battling ‘anxiety and depression’

Virginia Coombs from Married at First Sight opens up about her depression and anxiety.
Married at First Sight’s Virginia Coombs shares her struggles with anxiety and depression. Pic credit: Lifetime

Fans of Married at First Sight met Virginia Coombs during Season 12, where she opened up about having anxiety.

Now, Virginia is sharing even more with fans by speaking out about her mental health and her journey to overall wellness. Continuing to be candid about her struggles with anxiety and depression, Virginia detailed how being on a reality show has impacted both.

In the past, she’s spoken about attending therapy to help with her emotions which were heightened from being on the show. After her split from husband, Erik Lake, she says her anxiety only got worse, and she’s committed to sharing her story to help others.

Virginia Coombs uses social media to tell her story

Like many reality stars, social media has become a platform for Virginia to share what she’s going through and how her life has changed since being on TV. She often posts videos on TikTok where she’s very honest about her struggles and emotions.

She also talks about how the production crews influence the show to intensify the stories, which has added to her anxiety. And while she has sought out professional help, Virginia does admit coping with depression and anxiety is an ongoing journey with daily struggles.

She uses music, working out, and connecting with others online to help navigate her journey, and encourages others to find similar outlets for support. To connect with her fans, she does mental health check-ins on her social media pages. These are short tips and supportive ideas she shares to help others find ways of coping with their mental health.

Virginia’s anxiety increased during her marriage

During the show, Virginia was matched with and married Erik Lake. The two felt they had a good connection despite some major differences in their lifestyles. While Erik was more structured because of his job as a pilot, Virginia was more carefree. Their age difference, political views, and overall life experiences was the cause of many of their arguments during the show.

Virginia insisted that although she never felt that she was in physical danger, she believed Erik was unkind to her and had a controlling side to him. She admitted to feeling anxious during their marriage as they had multiple arguments over everything from her dog to Erik’s busy flying schedule.


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During the finale, they both agreed to stay together. However, shortly after the show aired, they decided to get a divorce. Both parties were asked the reasons they chose to separate, and while they attempted to remain cordial in their answers, they made it clear they just were not good together.

After their divorce, Virginia says she became even more anxious and depressed, which has led her to becoming an advocate for mental wellness and hoping her story will encourage others.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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