MAFS viewers react to Lindsey’s drunk and inappropriate behavior on her wedding day

Lindsey Georgoulis in her wedding dress
Lindsey Georgoulis gets MAFS viewers buzzing about tasteless wedding behavior. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 14 kicked off with its first wedding of the season and MAFS viewers are appalled by the behavior they witnessed from bride Lindsey Georgoulis.

While this current Boston cast is filled with big personalities, Lindsey may have the biggest personality of all and that was on full display during her wedding. 

Lindsey has already proven to be high-energy when sober and when she got drunk on her wedding day her gregariousness became even more heightened. 

Many MAFS viewers found Lindsey’s drunken behavior to be inappropriate and exhausting and they took to social media to weigh in and express their irritation with the blonde bride. 

MAFS viewers call out Lindsey’s inappropriate wedding day conduct 

Lindsey made MAFS viewers’ jaws drop several times on her wedding day. Some of Lindsey’s garish wedding behavior included getting drunk, flashing those around her, belching, and being extra chatty at the altar. 

One MAFS fan reacted in disgust to Lindsey’s behavior writing, “Girl what??? Not belching and boob flashing as you approach the aisle.” 

Lindsey appears to not have much of a filter and she certainly has no hesitation when it comes to joking about sexual subjects. However, sometimes she has inappropriate timing. 

One MAFS viewer reacted with surprise and disdain over Lindsey’s suggestive comment at the altar, writing, “Did Lindsey really need to say ‘I wanted it to a hurt a little’ in front of Mark’s family and friends and hers as well at their wedding?”

Lindsey was one of the most talkative brides at the altar and often interrupted the ceremony during important parts like her husband Mark’s vows. 

One MAFS viewer suggested Lindsey needed to relax and behave with more etiquette writing, “Lindsey girl! I know you’re excited (and tipsy) but stop talking at the altar. Your first date starts after the vows. This is your wedding sis. Let’s do this nicely.” 

MAFS viewers think Lindsey’s drinking reflects a deeper issue 

While many MAFS fans were annoyed with Lindsey in her drunken state, some fans felt Lindsey’s drinking signaled deeper wounds and that she was “drinking her problems away.”

A MAFS fan tweeted, “Lindsey is drunk for her wedding!! We know she has mommy-issues, so maybe she drinks to deal.” 

Another MAFS viewer compared Lindsey to Married at First Sight Season 12 star Virginia Coombs who also appeared to have too much alcohol at her wedding. 

After just one episode it seems Lindsey has already exasperated fans and she’s one of the many cast members this season that MAFS viewers question is ready for this experiment. While viewers find her to be frustrating, many acknowledge her personality and unpredictable behavior may make for an interesting season. 

What do you think of the way Lindsey behaved on her wedding day? 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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2 years ago

Another immature, disgusting drunken Virginia!

2 years ago

Good grief! I was exhausted watching her. Easy for me to see why she’s still single!

2 years ago

Train Wreck! I was embarrassed for Mark’s family and friends. I don’t give this relationship much of a chance for success. She should have worked on her issues before getting married. Did the “experts” not see this? YIKES

2 years ago

Her and Virginia PUT ALCOHOL AS THIER PRIORITY NOT MARRIAGE! Alcohol is easier I guess! But why go on a show if marriage ? isn’t your priority?.

2 years ago

Lindsey IS just a disgusting, classless,
loud, annoying alcoholic egomaniac. I completely agree with the other person that said they felt bad and embarrassed for Mark already. WHY, oh WHY, are these same ‘experts’that have been like 0 for 5 the last 2 seasons even invited back? They are clearly not paying any attention to what everyone else can see so clearly… people like Lindsay have no business being on this show, and these ‘experts’ should be replaced STAT.