MAFS viewers have had enough of Hurricane Michaela following drama in latest episode

MAFS Michaela is about to blow
The look on Michaela’s face one second before the explosion. Pic credit: Lifetime

Well, it happened again. Hurricane Michaela made an appearance, and this time it was a Category 5.

She left a trail of destruction in her path as she yelled, cried, cursed, and broke furniture. Her hubby Zack made a quick exit, leaving the ranch retreat in the middle of the night.

It turns out he isn’t the only one who has had had enough of Michaela’s outbursts, as fans took to social media to say just how they felt about Michaela’s blowup.

Married at First Sights viewers have had enough

Married At First Sight has always been known to bring drama. With a premise of marrying a stranger sight unseen, then trying to make a marriage work under the watchful eye of a camera crew, a little drama is to be expected.

Michaela Clark’s Category 5 meltdown from the couples retreat pushed the MAFS envelope. So much so that many fans have had enough, and they aren’t afraid to say so.

Marriage is complex, and a very publicized marriage is more complex, but many fans feel that Michaela’s reactions are far from ordinary and that she might even need professional help.

Many feel that Zack’s behavior should not be receiving the type of responses that Michaela is giving.

Case and point, the couples retreat that found Michaela breaking furniture, cursing at Zack, yelling at other costars, taking Zack’s bags away from him, and throwing them. It was quite a scene, and many viewers felt it was a toxic one.

While Michaela and her family may joke about her temper and alter ego, many fans felt it was no joke as Michaela stormed through the couple’s retreat, destroying both furniture and probably, her marriage. Many viewers felt Michaela’s behavior went far beyond the norm and that she might need something beyond the gentle guidance of the show’s relationship experts.

Michaela’s temper

While we certainly hope this is the last we see of “Hurricane K,” as it is not the first time we have seen it.

Michaela’s short fuse revealed itself as early as the honeymoon when her new hubby Zack contracted COVID-19 and was going to be unable to share a room with her. Michaela was distraught and had no problems making her feelings about it known. She then left Zack behind on the honeymoon and flew back to Houston, and viewers were not pleased. Fans took aim at Michaela for her treatment of Zack after learning he had COVID-19 and felt she could have handled the whole thing better.

But once Zack returned from the honeymoon, the couple had a joyful reunion. All seemed to be forgiven — at least for the night. But the following day brought more chaos as following a miscommunication of where Zack was that morning led to Michaela moving out of the apartment. Once again, fans took to social media to voice their opinions and once again felt Michaela had overreacted.

As far as many fans are concerned, the most recent appearance of Hurricane K was the last straw, as their minds about Michaela have now been made up, and their verdict is — she’s too much.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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