MAFS: Michaela gets bashed for her behavior after learning Zack contracted COVID-19

MAFS Michaela gets her makeup done
MAFS Michaela Clark gets ready for her wedding Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight Season 13 has started off on a positive — a positive COVID-19 test that is!

On day one of the couple’s honeymoons, Zack Freeman tested positive for COVID-19, and his new bride, Michaela Clark, was not pleased.

Michaela and Zack, in sickness and in health?

Most couples have their vows put to the test at some point but newlyweds Michaela and Zack had theirs on the line by day three of their marriage. Many couples only have to deal with the “in sickness and in health” component of their vows in the hypothetical, at least at first.

But with Zack receiving a positive Covid test, Michaela suddenly had to decide how she would handle the news, and spoiler alert, it was not well.

Zack expressed that he did not want to be around Michaela to keep from spreading the virus and Michaela angrily retorted that she did not come on the honeymoon to be alone and did not get married just to be single. Well, OK then.

MAFS viewers bash Michaela’s response to her husband’s illness

Many Married at First Sight viewers were surprised at Michaela’s reaction to the news and felt her response was uncaring at best and selfish at worst. Fans took to social media and did not hold back as the MAFS newlywed received some serious backlash.

Fans commented, saying how they felt Michaela’s behavior was a red flag and cast doubt on the possible success of the marriage.

In the episode, as Zack continued to try to explain to Michaela why he would need to quarantine away from her, Michaela only continued to get more upset. Michaela said she had been looking forward to doing things together on the honeymoon and didn’t want to miss out on them. This response caused fans to feel that Michaela cared more about the honeymoon than her own husband’s health.

Michaela’s MAFS costars were also surprised by her reaction

But fans weren’t the only ones taken aback by Michaela’s response to the news.

On the show’s follow-up special, Unfiltered, when host Jamie Otis played back the clip of Michaela’s reaction, Bao responded with surprise. Choosing her words carefully, she responded stating it did not seem Michaela was being very supportive of her husband and his illness at the moment.

Brett also commented with confusion that Michaela had had this response, then also left the honeymoon and returned to Houston. Brett expressed if it were her in the situation, she would have stayed to support her new husband and bring him things he needed or little gifts to raise his spirits.

It certainly was an odd reaction and not a great way to start off a honeymoon or a marriage, and while Michaela and Zack were previously a fan favorite, they are now dropping quickly in the fan’s polls and esteem. We had them pegged at number two in our Most Likely to Succeed List, but this incident certainly gives us all pause.

But as we have learned in previous MAFS seasons, a honeymoon disruption isn’t necessarily the end of the line for couples and hopefully, these two will be able to use the experience to bring them closer.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Mika lyons
Mika lyons
2 years ago

Micheal reminds me of Glenn Close from
The movie Fatal Attraction, she’s mentally unstable and appears to be dangerous. She doesn’t deserve a stable mate like Zach and her behavior is abusive and appalling. MAFS should do mental health evalutions before matching people together.