MAFS viewers have already chosen a Season 15 villain, here’s what they have to say

Lindy's brother and Stacia
MAFS viewers have chosen a villain after most of the weddings have gone down. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight viewers have now seen all but one of the San Diego couples have their weddings and tie the knot.

Season 15 fans appear to have seen enough from the cast and their personalities to form an opinion on who the early villain of the season is.

Based on the way Mitch acted towards his new wife Krysten, he has become the front runner on social media for the most villainous cast member.

Troubling dynamics and apparent red flags presented in some of the other relationships have been apparent to viewers. However, Mitch’s crass attitude and unappreciative demeanor towards Krysten have won him the title.

MAFS viewers are just at the beginning of their journey with the five couples, so there is still plenty of time for fans to form different or stronger opinions.

With a lot on the line for the couples and the experiment itself being stressful, cast members’ true colors are bound to come out and give viewers even more to judge.

A villain has been chosen by Married at First Sight viewers

MAFS viewers have taken to Twitter to vent about what they’ve seen from Mitch and they have far more to say about him than any other cast member.

One critic wrote, “Mitch is bothering me. A lot. And it’s not even the band-aid on his head.”

Tweet about Mitch MAFS
Pic credit: @2thewilberforce/Twitter

Someone else slammed, “I know Mitch’s ugly a** didn’t show up with a bandaid on his head at his wedding and acting like he wasn’t ‘blown away by his wife.’ If there’s one thing men will always have, it’s audacity.”

Someone else harped, “I’m not liking Mitch at all. Here she is complimenting you, even tho you got that big a** first aid kit on yo head…and you don’t compliment her back?!?!”

Tweet about Mitch MAFS
Pic credit: @_littleone19/Twitter

Yet another person shared, “Anyone else questioning Mitch? Seeming to be a little too selfish for marriage already. Clearly no chivalry there and already acting like he’s the prize. Give your wife your jacket and tell her she’s beautiful.”

Tweet about Mitch MAFS
Pic credit: @gumchewer99/Twitter

Married at First Sight Boston had very little success among the couples

Season 14 of MAFS, which was held in Boston, saw little success between the couple even though all but one couple said yes on Decision Day.

Most recently, Noi and Steve’s marriage came to a nasty and public divorce with Noi airing their dirty laundry on social media as she had done on the show.

Steve made long-winded comments about how he tried to avoid divorce but did not go into detail about what went so wrong from his perspective.

Only Katina and Olajuwon are still together out of the bunch.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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1 year ago

It was sooooo obvious that the ‘yes’s’ were staged. Four couples clearly had no intention of staying together but I’m sure some extra $$ in their pockets convinced them to pretend on Decision Day. The so=called experts have the absolute worst track records.

1 year ago

I think if these people are honest as they go through the process then they would have a better chance of being matched! I don’t blame the experts I blame the people who pretend to be what they are not during the interview process or they clearly just want to be on TV. So the experts are matching people representatives (who they pretend to be)