MAFS viewers call out Stacia for ‘begging Nate to love her’

Stacia on Married at First Sight
Stacia and Nate hit a bump in the road on this week’s Married at First Sight episode. Pic credit: Lifetime

Stacia and Nate got into their first substantial argument on the latest episode of Married at First Sight Season 15.

While the couple has had a fairly smooth ride thus far, the subject of love caused some tension for the two.

During a date in the pool, Stacia asked Nate how he would rank his level of love for her, and he shared that he is at about a four out of 10.

That answer didn’t sit well with Stacia, who informed Nate that she feared being in a loveless marriage. Stacia shared she wouldn’t stay in the relationship if Nate didn’t profess his love to her sooner rather than later.

Nate became frustrated towards the end of the episode as he shared that he felt Stacia was disregarding the actions and efforts he was putting into the relationship, all because he wasn’t ready to declare his love for her.

MAFS viewers criticized Stacia’s approach to the love conversation, finding her to be insecure and begging Nate for love rather than letting their very new relationship progress naturally.

Stacia gets critiqued for seemingly forcing Nate to fall in love fast

MAFS viewers assessed Stacia’s behavior and aimed to remind her that she and Nate are strangers and their marriage is still fresh.

A critic wrote, “Stacia begging Nate to love her and asking how she can get that outta him is upsetting me and my nervous system. I know that’s your husband but enough with the dry begging. It’s been 20 days ma’am.”

Another MAFS viewer suggested it’s a good thing Nate isn’t jumping into love, writing, “Stacia, if he loves you this fast watch out for when he changes the script. Stawwwwwp!”

One Twitter user expressed, “Nate giving her a point a week. Seems like 2 weeks he gave her a point and a half. It’s been 3 weeks why are we stuck on this convo Stacia? Are you challenging him or nagging atp? She’s insecure.”

A MAFS critic tweeted, “Stacia is exhausting. Girl, it’s been a few WEEKS since you met this man. Let feelings progress naturally and stop interrogating this man so much!”

Another viewer shared, “Stacia needs therapy because she has abandonment issues from family and now she’s projecting by trying to force something out of a man who barely has furniture. Girl…” 

MAFS viewers call Stacia’s expectations ‘unrealistic’ 

Viewers suggested Stacia needed to breathe and relax in her marriage, with one writing, “Stacia is weird asf, she wants to be loved so bad and fast by Nate, like girl relax give people time.” 

Another critic reminded Stacia of what comes with getting married to a stranger at first sight, tweeting, “You literally signed up for a loveless marriage Stacia. You don’t know this man fr, and he don’t know you. Expecting him to [say] ‘I love you’ is unrealistic.”

Stay tuned to see if Nate and Stacia will use the l-word before Decision Day. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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