MAFS viewers are skeptical about Michael and Jasmina’s marriage, question Michael’s transparency

Michael and Jasmina at dinner
Michael Morency and Jasmina Outar can’t see eye to eye. Pic credit: Lifetime

Michael Morency and Jasmina Outar have struggled to find their footing in their marriage and Married at First Sight viewers have been weighing in with their thoughts.

Currently, Michael and Jasmina are in a rough spot having had several arguments that they can’t seem to resolve. The couple appears to have contrasting communication styles and often accuse each other of not being truthful. 

Michael and Jasmina’s most recent argument was about Michael not disclosing that he lived with two women roommates. Jasmina felt Michael was being deceitful and some MAFS viewers agreed with Jasmina’s assessment, while others have taken Michael’s side in the situation. 

Married at First Sight viewers question why Michael Morency ‘lied’ 

Married at First Sight’s Twitter page shared a clip of Michael and Jasmina’s conversation surrounding his two women roommates. 

The page posed the question “Who is in the right?” and MAFS viewers appear split in defending both Michael and Jasmina. 

Many believed that Michael was in the wrong and that he did lie by claiming he never lived with a woman and not mentioning his female roommates when there were several opportunities to bring it up.

One MAFS viewer wrote, “I’ve been on Team Michael the past couple of weeks, I can’t ride with my Brotha this week. Jasmina is right and honestly I don’t know why Mike lied or withheld that information. It is what it is, be upfront about it. She was with her male roommates.” 

MAFS comment section
Pic credit: @AgentMose/Twitter

MAFS commenters came to Jasmina’s defense and suggested Michael’s secrecy over meaningless stuff is a red flag.

The MAFS critic wrote,  “I think Jasmina has [a] point. Michael is coming off as too secretive about meaningful stuffs” with a red flag emoji.

Another commenter added, “It’s the meaningless part for me – why be shady about that? Making problems, for himself – any reasonable person in this situation would share who their roommates are and their gender.” 

MAFS comment section
Pic credit: @HairstonJohanne/Twitter

One MAFS viewer found Michael’s behavior bizarre and felt Jasmina was in the right, writing, “She’s definitely right. He’s made it seem suspect by not ever mentioning that he has two roommates. Who cares if he does, but him dodging it makes it bizarre for sure.” 

MAFS comment section
Pic credit: @Ram1Mama/Twitter

Other Married at First Sight viewers suggest Jasmina is overreacting 

While many agreed Michael was wrong for lying, others had critiques for Jasmina as well. 

A MAFS viewer commented, “He’s wrong for lying about it. However it’s not that big of [a] deal… she’s just looking for something to harp on.” 

MAFS comment section
Pic credit: @Jred17685354/Twitter

Another MAFS critic wrote, “Stop it! This is not a big deal. They are roommates, not swingers! Don’t make me hate you now.” 

MAFS comment section
Pic credit: @B192Q/Twitter

One of Jasmina’s critics wrote, “Jasmina needs to get off her high horse. Don’t like her.”

MAFS comment section
Pic credit: @JULIATU02010271/Twitter

A MAFS viewer also emphasized that Jasmina has been having an off-putting attitude the last few episodes, writing, “He specifically said he’s never lived with a woman. Maybe he thought she meant ‘a woman you’re in a relationship with.’ He should have said something. She’s being way too smug about it tho, I don’t like the attitude we’ve been getting last few episodes.” 

MAFS comment section
Pic credit: @Mc_Angela22/Twitter

Finally, a MAFS fan suggested that Jasmina may be deliberately looking for reasons to end the marriage writing, “She’s making way too of a big deal out of it it’s one of her excuses she’s going to use to not move forward in the relationship.” 

MAFS comment section
Pic credit: @4evrmtz1/Twitter

Do you think Michael or Jasmina is in the right?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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