MAFS viewers are proud of Bao for choosing to divorce Johnny on Decision Day

Bao wears a gray tank
Bao receives praise for calling it quits with Johnny. Pic credit: Lifetime

Decision Day finally arrived on Married at First Sight Season 13, and Bao and Johnny had one of the most satisfying conclusions for MAFS viewers. 

After Johnny’s constant insults, mood swings, and abandonment, MAFS viewers were rooting for Bao to cut Johnny loose. They were very vocal about how proud they felt when Bao decided to end the marriage. 

Bao and Johnny shockingly have different answers on Decision Day 

Married at First Sight viewers were ready for most couples to say a loud resounding no on Decision Day, but none more than Bao and Johnny, as Johnny quickly fell from grace throughout the season and became the show’s villain. 

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Johnny built up a reputation of being incredibly toxic and mean to his wife by putting Bao down at every turn. While Bao wasn’t perfect, she did try to remain poised and committed to the marriage even when Johnny desperately tried to pull away or attack her character and personality. 

Johnny continually expressed his unhappiness and desire to walk away from the marriage, so he shocked MAFS viewers by saying yes on Decision Day and claiming that he wanted to see where the marriage could go once the cameras went away. 

Bao, who wowed in a red dress, stood firm in her decision and revealed that she wanted a divorce because she was not happy in their marriage. 

It was one of the few times in MAFS where a couple had different answers on Decision Day, and fans were relieved that Bao set herself free and chose her own happiness. 

MAFS viewers applaud Bao for saying no

MAFS viewers were outspoken in their praise for Bao and her decision, feeling as though it was a victorious moment both for Bao and for viewers who were ready to see Johnny get turned down. 

One viewer expressed their joy by tweeting, “Have to say I’m surprised by Johnny’s decision and so glad he answered first. I jumped off the couch when Bao turned him down!” 

Another viewer shared why they think Johnny said yes, suggesting that he wanted to look like the victim when Bao asked for a divorce. 

Many viewers assured Bao that she did the right thing by getting a divorce and were happy to say ‘Boy, bye’ to Johnny. 

Other viewers noted that Bao’s beautiful look and striking red dress on Decision Day clearly showed that she was ready to walk away from Johnny and show him what he’d be missing out on. A commenter referred to her dazzling red dress as her “I’m about to dump you” dress.

MAFS felt like it was sweet justice to have Johnny say yes and Bao say no, and Bao’s decision was met with applause all across the Married at First Sight fandom. 

In the end, it was great to see Bao confidently do what was best for her and walk away from the taxing relationship with Johnny. Here’s to hoping Bao moves on to bigger and better things in life. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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