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MAFS Unmatchables exclusive: Pastor Cal lets Danielle juggle four men at once

Married at First Sight: Unmatchables is back tonight with another look into the lives of those MAFS hopefuls who were deemed “unmatchable” by the experts.

This time around, we get to meet Danielle, who is referred to as a “conspiracy polygamist.” And while it’s not immediately clear in this exclusive sneak peek as to why she was not matchable on the series, it seems that she’s perfected the game of working multiple men at the same time.

In the clip, we see Pastor Cal looking a bit perplexed as he tells Danielle, “I want to see how you can juggle four men at one time.”

Without missing a beat, Danielle replies, “Okay!”

It’s all cheers and excitement as Pastor Cal says, “Let’s see how this goes.”

Danielle sets out to date four men at once

Flanked by four handsome men, Danielle sets out on her unconventional date.

“I am not at all worried about handling four guys at once,” Danielle says confidently. “Got any more in the back? Bring them out too!”

Then, she and the guys set out to do some bowling together, and it looks like she’s just as skilled with a bowling ball as she is with this interesting 5-person date.

Danielle did a really good job of getting to know all four men while on the date, making a point to give each of them enough time and attention to get to know them.

Some men took over the date with Danielle

While Danielle did a pretty good job on her group date, she did have to take control a couple of times to make sure that each of the men was getting quality time and was able to express himself.

She even admitted, at one point, that it was getting a little overwhelming trying to get to know all four men at the same time.

Danielle even looked a bit put off when Kashmir, who previously revealed he was from College Park, asked her if she liked to get “freaky.”

He insisted that she wanted to know but based on Danielle’s reaction, we’re betting that she wasn’t interested in going on another date with the man who made her uncomfortable while still with the group.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, Danielle is one of the tamer “Unmatchables,” especially after watching Evan Nicole, who had a serious foot fetish and spent hours in the bathroom. Or after seeing the funeral director Xavius, who spoke to us about what his dream girl smells like after being paired up with Ashli, who actually passed gas audibly on their first date.

Be sure to check out the exclusive MAFS: Unmatchables sneak peek above and tune in tonight to see if Pastor Cal and Dr. Viviana are able to help Danielle find love.

Pastor Cal and Danielle on MAFS Unmatchables
Pastor Cal wants to see Danielle juggle four men. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight: Unmatchables airs Wednesday at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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