Exclusive Interview: Xavius from Unmatchables on what his dream girl smells like, second date with Ashli

Married at First Sight: Unmatchable’s star Xavius talks his favorite smells and dishes on his second date with Ashli. Pic credit: Lifetime

Unmatchables is the latest spin-off to hit the Married at First Sight franchise. While Dr. Viviana Coles and Pastor Calvin Roberson are used to assisting newly married singles, the resident experts are taking a step back and going over the basics.

With over 75,000 people signing up to get married to a stranger, it was clear that some of these candidates weren’t even ready for a relationship.

The new show takes previous applicants of MAFS who were previously deemed ‘unmatchable’ and takes them on a dating crash course. While the experts felt they weren’t ready for a marriage, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a chance at love.

At the end of the episode, the singles are set on a blind date to test their newfound skills.

Xavius made his appearance on the show when he was deemed unmatchable due to his high standards on appearance and interesting scent habits. He admitted that when it came to stopping women in the mall, “I might not get your name but I’m probably going to ask what you’re wearing.”

Monsters & Critics recently spoke with Xavius, the smell-obsessed single who had to learn how not to always be in control.

Monsters & Critics: I know you were initially ready to get Married at First Sight, but after going through Unmatchables, do you still feel like you’d be ready for that process?

Xavius: You know what, going through the show kind of hammered home that maybe I wasn’t as initially ready but thanks to Dr. Viviana and Pastor Cal, I feel more confident in saying that I might be ready to go down somebody’s aisle. I won’t put a timeline on it though.

M&C: On the show, you mentioned that scent was particularly important to you – to the point where you would stop women in the mall to see what perfume they were wearing. If it was up to you, what would your dream girl smell like?

Xavius: Oh man. It’s a sweet, floral fragrance. It’s soft upon your initial smell, but it’s kind of like a cherry… A little musk behind it. But like a cherry-ish smell.. it just smells like heaven on earth. With mangos, it gots to have mangos in it.

M&C: So being that smell extremely important to you, what was going through your mind when the flatulence came out on your blind date?

Xavius: Wooo.. this is awful. There are really no clean words that my mom has taught me that I could use to describe that moment. I’ll just say it was breathtaking.

M&C: How do girls normally respond when you tell them that you work at a funeral home?

Xavius: The first question I get is, ‘Have you seen any ghosts?’ Or one of my personal favorites is, ‘Anything weird happened?’ I say yeah, the weirdest thing is somebody died. Usually, it’s met by one of the two, it’s usually how did you get into that?

M&C: Do you usually tell them this on the first date or give it some time before you break the news?

Xavius: Oh no, I have to tell you on the first date because the second date is going to be at the funeral home.

M&C: So speaking of second dates, I heard you had one with Ashli at a cemetery?

Xavius: Yeah! What better way than to stroll and hold hands and talk about the future than at a cemetery?

M&C: Who’s idea was it?

Xavius: Mine of course. Well, I’ll tell you like this, we actually went to a restaurant, which is right across from a very historic cemetery in Atlanta. We had finished dinner, and I said, “You know what Ashli? Let’s take a walk.” She said, “Well okay, where are we going?” I said, “Right over here to the cemetery.”

M&C: Has there been another date with Ashli since then?

Xavius: Ashli and I have continued to talk. We went out a couple of more times after that and continue to keep an open line of communication together.

M&C: What do you think the most important thing you learned from Pastor Cal and Dr. Viviana?

Xavius: Having that conversation is so very important. Making sure that you are following up and talking to that individual and seeing them for who they are, not just for what they look like. But actually seeing their spirit, seeing their heart, seeing their mind.

MAFS Unmatchables airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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