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MAFS Unmatchables exclusive: Evan Nicole talks toilets, her foot fetish, and her net worth

Married at First Sight: Unmatchables has been a delightful addition to Lifetime and this week’s episode should prove to be just as entertaining as those before it.

Tonight on Lifetime, we get to meet Evan Nicole and it quickly becomes clear why the Married at First Sight experts felt like they couldn’t match her to be married. Well, maybe they could have if they could find her a man that didn’t mind waiting a long time for his turn in the bathroom.

Evan Nicole takes her time in the bathroom

Evan Nicole takes her private time in the bathroom to a whole new level. In the newest MAFS Unmatchables sneak peek, we see her lounging on the commode and she’s not just there to do her business.

It turns out that this budding reality star likes to enjoy her time on the toilet by having a glass of wine or a snack. She even admitted that she would eat a full meal while sitting on the throne.

She even takes phone calls of the video variety while chilling in her favorite room, something that her best friend thinks is pretty weird.

That wasn’t the only thing we learned about Evan Nicole that might make her hard to match.

Evan Nicole needs a man who loves feet

In addition to her odd bathroom behavior, Evan Nicole is not shy about her feelings on feet.

To be specific, she wants a husband who may have a bit of a foot fetish and even told the camera that she wants her man to “be on these feet ASAP.”

And if we’re being honest here, she has great feet and she takes great care of them.

However, the type of man Evan Nicole is looking for might be hard for the experts to find considering all of her different quirks and wants.

MAFS Unmatchables star is a boss

Evan Nicole is a self-made woman though and even though she’s got some weird bathroom habits and a foot fetish, she’s still a great catch. She reveals in the sneak peek that she is The Hair Guru and she’s been making six figures since she was a teenager.

She’s very direct and she knows what she wants, something that Evan Nicole’s friend thinks might put men off. That won’t stop her from asking all the important questions though as she’s ready to find love so she can get married and be a mom.

Be sure to check out the sneak peek above and tune in tonight to see who the experts match Evan Nicole with and how their date goes.

Evan Nicole on MAFS Unmatchables
Evan Nicole is the latest lady to look for love on Married at First Sight: Unmatchables. Pic credit: Lifetime

MAFS Unmatchables airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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