MAFS: Steve Moy reflects on rough year thanks his friends and supporters for their ‘healing energy’

MAFS star Steve Moy is staying positive after healing cross-country trip.
Steve Moy reflects on his life after a cross-country trip. Pic credit: @therealstevemoy/Instagram

Steve Moy is remaining hopeful despite having a rough year and he has his friends and supporters to thank for that. The Married at First Sight star ended his marriage to Noi Phommasak a few months ago and things got messy.

The couple had their versions of why the marriage ended so quickly after they committed to each other. Viewers were cheering for Noi and Steve as they seemed like a solid match despite some issues they had to work through.

However, they were unable to make things work and after the split, they both threw accusations at each other in a nasty social media feud.

After the online drama, Steve packed his bags and ventured out on a cross-country trip to redirect his energy.

Days into the trip, Steve got into a car accident. Not only did it leave him bruised and bloodied but admittedly his spirit was broken as well.

Soon enough, he ventured on, and now that Steve has returned home, he’s reflecting on the journey.

MAFS star Steve Moy reflects on life after his cross-country trip

The Married at First Sight star shared some photos from his cross-country trip which started back in July. He posted some of his favorite moments from the adventure and shared a moment of reflection after he was able to redirect the negative energy in his life.

When life comes at you hard and fast like this last year did for me, and your don’t have time to process events, you oftentimes don’t notice how much you’ve been affected,” wrote Steve. “How you feel and how you react will change…”

He noted hat the trip has given him the space to “reflect on so much of what has happened, to better understand myself, the people around me, and the situations I was in.”

Steve said while he worked on his mind and body he also “had some fun doing some things I enjoy.”

Steve Moy thanks people for their healing energy

Steve has not returned home from his trip and he revealed that while he had fun he also “took the time to work through the pain.”

Seemingly in better spirits, the Married at First Sight star noted, “I’m not going to let the hard parts of the past year change the way I view love and relationships. I’m going to continually seek what it is I’m looking for, and be proactive about creating the life I want to live.”

Before ending his post, Steve sent his appreciation “to everybody who used their words and energy to uplift and encourage me, to respectfully fight battles with people who had it out for me online, and for all the loving and healing energy I’ve received.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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