MAFS star Zack Freeman opens up on social media, admit he’s been ‘seriously struggling for months’

MAFS star Zack Freeman opens up about struggling and has plans to share more with viewers
Zack Freeman has been struggling. Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 13 of Married at First Sight is officially over, but things are still rough for cast member Zack Freeman. The newly minted reality TV star recently admitted that he’s been struggling for months now, and it seems his tumultuous MAFS journey might have contributed to that.

Early in the season, people were hopeful about the pairing of Zack and his now-estranged wife Michaela, but after a few episodes, it became evident that the relationship wasn’t going to work.

Initially, Hurricane K took the brunt of the backlash for her behavior on the show, but soon enough, Zack also got his fair share of hate.

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The comments about the duo on social media were nothing short of brutal, and while Michaela seems to be handling the backlash in stride, Zack is admittedly having a hard time.

Zack Freeman admits he’s been struggling

The Married at First Sight cast members kept their social media pages private for months to not give away any spoilers from the show. However, after the reunion aired last week, the cast pages became public, and they’ve been letting viewers into their personal lives.

Moments ago, Zack shared a message on his Instagram Story and confessed to his followers that he’s been struggling.

“I’ve been seriously struggling for months,” wrote the MAFS star, who then went on to share the most important thing he’s learned in 2021.

“Perhaps the biggest thing I’ve learned over the past year is that the more you constantly put other people’s feelings ahead of your own, it will kill you on the inside.”

I cannot and will not do this anymore,” added Zack.

MAFS star Zack Freeman admits on social media that he's been struggling
Pic credit: @zacharydfreeman/Instagram

Zack Freeman plans to answer questions and post receipts

For now, we’re keeping our eyes glued to Zack’s page because he’s opened up to his followers and asked them to send in their questions.

The Married at First Sight star also warned that he won’t be mincing words in his responses about the MAFS process, and he’ll also “provide receipts.”

How I answer questions will be irrefutable,” said Zack. “There will be no back and forth with anyone. I am doing this strictly for me because it is the only way I can begin the path to healing.”

However, we might have to wait a bit longer because Zack was not prepared for the barrage of questions that flooded his DM’s–over 3500– which are likely all about his relationship with Michaela.

“I will try to answer the questions in order of our relationship from beginning to end,” shared Zack. “And will answer the popular ‘general’ questions a the end.”

MAFS star Zack Freeman plans to answer fan questions and share receipts
Pic credit: @zacharydfreeman/Instagram

Are you excited to find out what Zack will share about his tumultuous MAFS experience?

Married at First Sight Season 14 premieres Wednesday, January 5th, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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2 years ago

I don’t think Zack was ready for marriage he’s emotionally damaged he has no communication skills and he didn’t respect the process

2 years ago

Back was not ready for marriage he seemed emotionally unstable he did not respect the process and has no communication skills
how dare you go date Boa when you should be going to get some help Before you inflict your mess or somebody else