MAFS star Virginia Coombs says her drinking was for ‘survival’ due to ‘awful relationship’ with Erik

MAFS star Virginia Coombs close-up
Virginia Coombs opens up about her drinking on MAFS. Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s not a secret that Virginia Coombs did not have a pleasant experience during her marriage to Erik Lake, and since their divorce, she’s made some eye-raising claims against him.

Most recently, Virginia responded to a comment on her page about her drinking while on the show, and her snarky response was that her “awful” marriage contributed to that.

She told the commenter that her drinking was not normal but a “survival” strategy during her marriage to the straight-laced pilot, ouch!

As you can imagine, Erik and Virginia did not have an amicable split. Their rocky marriage dragged on in Season 12, and although they opted to stay together, for whatever reason, it wasn’t long after before they ended things for good.

Their divorce has been finalized for quite some time, and Erik has since moved on. He’s about to tie the knot in August to his fiance, Lola, after a romantic proposal in Paris.

There will be several Season 12 alums on the guest list, but one person who won’t be in attendance is Erik’s ex-wife, Virginia, for obvious reasons.

Virginia Coombs says drinking was a ‘survival’ in her ‘awful’ marriage

The MAFS star had quite the response to a commenter on her Instagram page, who is just now catching up on the show.

Season 12 of the popular Lifetime series is now on Netflix, so there are a lot of viewers who’ve only recently discovered the show.

The commenter noted under one of Virginia’s posts, “GIRL! Watching MAFS right now and all I want to know…HOW..JUST HOW you keep that body drinking the way you do…🤣🤣..LIKE GIVE ME YOUR SECRET DAMN.”

“I WISH I HAVE A BODY LIKE THAT and still drink my beer and wine…LOL you loca girl! 🤣😘,” she added.

Virginia saw the comment and responded, “@p_k_a_3 lol you’d drink a lot too if you were in an awful relationship being followed by cameras constantly 🤣 it was survival and not my everyday normal life!”

MAFS star Virginia Coombs' response on social media
Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

MAFS star Virginia Coombs gets Botox refresh

The comment was posted under a video of Virginia getting Botox done, and she recorded the entire procedure.

The video showed Virginia calmly sitting in the chair with strategic spots marked on her face for the injections. The Lifetime personality barely flinched as the needles pierced her skin.

The post was seemingly a partnership with certified nurse practitioner Brittany Suchanek, who posted the video on her page.

The caption read, “Ready to smooth your wrinkles away? 💉 Click the link in bio to book your appointment 👆🏼.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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1 year ago

Oh please, this girl is still so immature that she can’t own her alcoholism! She once everyone to believe this, yet she was drinking like that from day one! SMH

8 months ago
Reply to  MamaD79

My thoughts exactly!

11 months ago

She wouldn’t need any Botox, if she’d quit drinking/partying. Pretty girl, bad habits

8 months ago
Reply to  Bro


6 months ago

Ridiculous fool she is