MAFS Star-crossed: Could Bao and Johnny’s astrology be their problem?

MAFS Bao and Johnny kiss passionately
MAFS Bao and Johnny run hot and cold. Pic credit: Lifetime

Bao, a grounded Taurus meets Johnny, a fiery Leo. Could the couple’s astrology be the reason they can’t quite seem to make the connection?

Bao and Johnny struggle to make a consistent connection from week to week. While they have some very solid foundations of compatibility, they just can’t seem to get it together.

The two have differing love languages that seem to clash, their fighting style is very different, and what they seem to want and expect from the relationship is at odds.

So how can the two have so much in common and yet continuously keep missing the mark? It could all come down to their astrology.

Bao the bull

Let’s start with Bao. Bao is a Taurus, an Earth sign that is very centered, grounded, and home-based. Taurus loves the home, they are all about making things nice and cozy. If you check out the couple’s shared apartment, you’ll notice plush bathrobes and fur blankets, all very Taurus vibes, and Bao’s love of baking definitely tracks also.

It also explains Bao’s predominant Love Language of acts of service. Bao shows her love by stocking the fridge, washing Johnny’s clothes, cooking, and cleaning, and for a Taurus, this is pure romance. But for a Leo like Johnny, he is just not picking up what Bao is putting down.

One of Bao’s biggest childhood traumas was the fact that her family home was dilapidated and run down. For a Taurus, this would really hit home, literally and figuratively. Taurus take great pride in their home base and if it is not up to par it can cause them great discomfort and embarrassment. Bao having this sign makes so much sense.

It also explains her communication and fighting style. She is very grounded and unshakeable even when Johnny is reactive and flying off the handle. Bao remains calm and centered as she tries to talk things out. It’s a very Taurean way to communicate.

The Taurus is the sign of the bull, meaning they can be very strong, committed, and yes, stubborn. They can get a very one-tracked mind and push forward even when the odds are against them. It can cause them to be so focused that they don’t take stock of the situation around them. This explains Bao’s ongoing commitment to the marriage and dedication in making it work, despite it seeming to crumble around her. She needs to take stock of even if she can make this marriage work, does she want to? That’s where the bull nature of the Taurus, can get them into trouble.

Leo Johnny loves the spotlight

Johnny is a Leo. Leo loves the spotlight. They are the lions of the zodiac world and love to be large and in charge. They were born to shine. But all that shine can sometimes blind them to those in their periphery.

They can be focused on the self, the ego, and how things and others affect them, but not necessarily the other way around. Leo’s who aren’t self-aware, can be a little on the narcissistic side, only seeing things from their perspective. This could explain why fans feel like Johnny is gaslighting Bao, when in reality he is doing what Leo does best, seeing things from their strong point of view. But no need to throw rocks at Johnny(or Leos) just yet, all the signs have positive and negative aspects, it’s all about learning to work with them, which it seems Johnny hasn’t quite mastered yet.

Leos tend to be more interested in active, fiery Love Language behavior. So when Johnny is asking Bao to go out and participate in dates and adventures, that is a very Leo aspect. Physical touch is another of Johnny’s love languages, which is also very passionate and fiery. That explains why Johnny is so interested in heating things up with Bao in the bedroom, but Bao’s acts of service Love Language cools him right down.

Leo’s like to be king, they don’t like to be challenged. But the Taurean bull is not one to back down either, which explains why Bao and Johnny continue to butt heads and why when Bao claps back at Johnny or points out a flaw, he immediately shuts down, followed by a fiery lash out. The king does not like his throne threatened. Leos like it to be their way or the highway, which explains Johnny’s dating history and his current demeanor towards Bao.

Are the lovers star-crossed?

So can a fiery Leo and an Earth-bound Taurus make it work? Yes. With a little effort and understanding.

A Taurus could serve to ground the active Leo, and a Leo could pull a Taurus out of their home encased shell. It could be a good match. But the two would have to get very clear on their communication and work to understand each other’s needs and love languages.

It’s no secret the two have very differing Love Languages, and fans have wondered if the couple has too many differences to overcome. But no astrology or Love Langauge is an automatic death to a relationship, but it does usually mean a lot more work.

Will these two be up to the challenge? Only time will tell.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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