MAFS: Can Bao and Johnny overcome their differing Love Languages?

MAFS couple Johnny and Bao cozy up at dinner
MAFS Johnny and Bao cozy up at the group dinner. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight’s Bao and Johnny Lam appear to have chemistry but can’t quite seem to make a connection, could their differing love languages be the problem?

Johnny and Bao have a lot of things in common; they both come from difficult backgrounds, both have strong ties to family and Vietnamese culture, and they seem to have similar goals and values. But the two continue to battle over everything from hygiene habits to communication.

Johnny and Bao battle over Love Languages

The latest episode revealed the couple has differing Love Languages, and many wonder if that could be the cause for Bao and Johnny not quite being able to make a connection.

Bao is Acts of Service and Quality Time Love Languages, and Johnny revealed he is Physical Touch. So when Bao cooks or cleans for him, she is showing him love in her Love Language, but Johnny isn’t getting the message because he receives in Physical Touch. Talk about crossed wires. No wonder so many fans feel Bao and Johnny are tanking their relationship, the two can’t get on the same Love Language page.

But finding out the couple’s Love Languages does make a lot of sense, as it seems the only place the two have reached an agreement is in the bedroom. Thanks to an intimacy exercise provided by the show’s experts, Bao and Johnny were able to take their physical relationship to the next level and then some.

The two spent the next few episodes cozied up in the bedroom. But while things were heating up in the bedroom, things were cooling off in other aspects of their relationship, making fans wonder if their relationship was love or lust.

What are Love Languages?

If you are looking around, confused as to what all this means, you’re not alone. Many fans were unclear about what Johnny and Bao were talking about when they mentioned their Love Languages. So let us give a quick Cliff’s Notes version of what they are.

Basically, everyone has ways they prefer to give and receive love, things that make them feel loved, and ways that they show love. There are five categories in total, with most people having a strong one or two of them: Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, and Gifts.

Johnny revealed he is a Physical Touch Love Language, which means the things that give him the warm fuzzies of love, is when someone, for example, holds his hand, or as he has previously stated, smacks his butt. That is how he knows someone is interested in him and what makes him feel loved and appreciated.

Bao, on the other hand, has said she is an Acts of Service kind of gal, which means when she cooks, cleans, or does things for someone, which is her way of expressing love. The problem is, if Johnny is Physical Touch, he isn’t able to tune in to her love vibes because they are just not on the same frequency. Acts of Service doesn’t resonate with him, so while he might see Bao doing those things as nice, he doesn’t view them as love.

So the real question is, are differing Love Languages the kiss of death for relationships? No. Not necessarily, but differing Love Languages in a relationship do equal more work. Because it is more effort to give and receive love in ways that do not necessarily come naturally to an individual.

So the question remains, now that Bao and Johnny know they will have to make some changes, will the couple be up for the challenge?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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