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MAFS star Amber Bowles claims Matt Gwynne messaged her to ‘stop talking s**t about him’

Amber Bowles has cut all ties with her Married at First Sight husband Matt Gwynne. Pic credit: Lifetime

There is definitely no love lost between Amber Bowles and Matt Gwynne.

Season 9 of Married at First Sight took viewers to Charlotte to watch the tumultuous relationship between the school teacher and the overseas basketball player.

While Amber couldn’t find herself more attracted to her new match, Matt admitted at the reunion he knew within the first 15 minutes the arranged marriage wouldn’t work.

Matt is a serial cheater

Although she can understand why the experts matched them, Amber doesn’t know why Matt signed up to be married if he can’t manage to stay faithful.

However, Matt is a great talker and even the MAFS experts admitted to feeling deceived by his charm.

Within a few weeks of marriage, he had begun to seek other romantic options and Amber was embarrassed by her new husband at her workplace

Upon leaving the show, she revealed a number of Matt’s ex-girlfriends reached out to let her know that their relationships also ended due to his inability to stay monogamous.

Both parties continue to live in the North Carolina city and she sees her ex more than she’d like to. Whether it is a complete coincidence or pure spite, Matt started dating a woman that happened to live in the same apartment complex as his ex-wife.

When asked if Matt could ever be faithful, Amber can’t say never, but considering his past history, it doesn’t look good for the MAFS star.

He reached out to her in a DM

Although Amber revealed there has been no contact between her and her ex since filming, she says she recently received a random message request on Facebook.

Upon checking, it was none other than her snide ex. While she doesn’t remember the exact message, she remembers it wasn’t nice.

She said the message was something along the lines of, “Stop talking s**t about me. Everyone’s over the show, so you should get over it.”

She chose to leave his negative message in her inbox without a response.

He considers it “talking s**t,” but ultimately, Amber is only revealing how he’s treated her throughout the social experiment.

It’s obvious he’s not happy with how his true colors are playing out for the world to see.

Do you think Matt deserves the negative notoriety that has followed him after the show?

Married at First Sight Atlanta returns in January 2021 on Lifetime.

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  1. She deserves so much better. He is all about himself. Hes not worth her time. What a jerk. I wouldnt watch him on tv no matter what it was about.


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