Amber Bowles of Married at First Sight says ex-husband Matt Gwynne wasn’t that good in bed, shares her rating

Amber got real about her TV husband Matt. Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 9 of Married at First Sight — based in Charlotte — paired school teacher Amber Bowles with overseas basketball player Matt Gwynne.

Although Amber was immediately attracted to her new partner, this was the reaction the athlete usually received from women – and he loved it.

Matt would famously not come home and would be out with his “friends” till the early hours of the morning. Less than five weeks into the marriage, Amber received multiple reports that her new husband was cheating on her.

Matt knew exactly what to say and even the experts admit they felt deceived by him.

Their relationship got nasty after the production wrapped

Charlotte seems like a small city because Matt and Amber keep running into each other.

While Amber has been in a relationship for the last nine months, Matt can’t seem to stay faithful to one woman.

Amber explained that Matt was dating a girl that lived in her apartment complex. Then, when she went to go visit her boyfriend at his place in the city, she happened to see Matt with a different girl that lived in that building.

While she can’t tell if the MAFS villain is doing it out of spite and on purpose, it a big coincidence.

When asked if she thinks her ex-husband can be faithful, she concluded that, so far, his past behavior has shown he can’t.

She revealed that even after the show, past ex-girlfriends of Matt’s reached out to let her know that his infidelity was a problem in their relationships as well.

She got real about Matt’s behavior

In an interview with the Domenick Nati Show, he asked Amber to rate her ex’s skills in the bedroom.

She pauses to think, admitting that they didn’t experiment much in the bedroom during their time in the marriage experiment.

She didn’t give him a failing score but she asked, “I mean it wasn’t memorable, so what does that say? What is that number?”

Other than filming the Where Are They Now special for the show, the couple has had no contact.

While her marriage didn’t work, fans agree that she’s way better off than dealing with Matt’s non-monogamous ways.

As for Amber, she’s a new homeowner and will be looking forward to living with her significant other in the near future.

Do you think Matt will ever settle down and be able to commit to one woman?

Married at First Sight Atlanta returns in January 2021 on Lifetime.

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