MAFS Season 13: What we think of Kevin Frazier’s predictions

Kevin Frazier looks shocked
Season 13 is full of surprises for Kevin Frazier Pic credit: Lifetime

Kevin Frazier is famous for his MAFS pre-season relationship predictions, which he generally tweaks mid-season and ends with a post-season wrap-up.

So now that we’ve reached the halfway marker for Season 13, Kevin had a few modifications to make to his initial predictions. Here’s what we think of his midseason adjustments.

Rachel and Jose: Destined for divorce

No adjustments are needed for this couple. Kevin initially predicted Rachel and Jose wouldn’t make it to Decision Day and he stands by that assessment in mid-season too.

Kevin based his initial determination of defeat on the fact that Jose had an actual laundry list of traits he wanted in a partner, traits he himself might not even measure up to. It seemed that he wasn’t quite emotionally ready for marriage and that his intolerance of a partner that didn’t meet his impossible standards, would tank any potential relationship he was put in.

Although the couple started off strong by consummating their marriage, dropping the L-word first, and getting along on most points, there was always a hint of doubt in our minds. Then–it happened. The couple’s first fight and it was a real doozy.

Rachel called Jose by the wrong name (costar Johnny’s name) and Jose lost it. After a very explosive fight caught on the couple’s apartment cam, the night culminated in Jose “accidentally” locking Rachel out of their home in the middle of the night. Yikes.

Kevin doesn’t see the couple coming back from this, and honestly, neither do we. Someone losing their temper in an argument is par for the MAFS course, but threatening someone’s physical safety by locking them out in the middle of the night and having no remorse over it, that’s a whole different ball game. Yes, we stand with Kevin on this one.

Johnny and Bao: Can they clean up their act?

Johnny and Bao started off as the MAFS Season 13 golden couple, but as the season has progressed these two have become a little less shiny. Between their constant ups and downs, highs and lows, good days and bad days, it can be hard to know what page these two are on.

Johnny went from a tearful camera confessional that he might not have been ready for marriage, to a glowing newlywed full of post-coital bliss. We can’t keep up. But we think overall if these two can get out of their own way, they could be a match made in MAFS heaven.

And Kevin agrees. Kevin was behind this couple from the get-go and behind them, he remains. Kevin thinks when it comes down to it, the family will play a big role for these two, as Johnny’s family immediately embraced Bao as one of their own. He feels that if Johnny tries to get out of it, they will help him see the light of what a great girl Bao is. Kevin thinks these two will make it to Decision Day and beyond.

We tentatively agree with him. This couple ranked number one on our Most Likely to Succeed list but we have to say recent events have caused us to feel a little shaky. Between obsessive cleanliness habits and high sexual expectations, Johnny will really need to get out of his own way on this one, and it will take a lot of work on his part and a lot of patience and understanding on Bao’s part to not tank this relationship.

Michaela and Zack: Someone call the paramedics

Someone call the paramedics because we think this relationship is dead with a DNR — do not resuscitate — status.

If we were giving out awards for the prediction we feel most off about, this one would take that award. Because us, Kevin, and his panel of guests were all surprised by how much our predictions of these two would change. Michaela and Zack started off picture-perfect, as they stood beaming at each other from across the aisle. The two had all the makings of a long-term successful marriage.

But once the honeymoon and “Hurricane K” hit, well, all bets were off. Zack’s lack of communication and Michaela’s fly-off-the-handle temper and explosive fighting style have surprised everyone. The couple struggles to continue to mend wounds, but Zack has repeatedly said the initial fighting is not something he is sure he can get over, and while Michaela claims she can change her stormy ways, we have seen little proof of that.

Kevin and his panel took a 180 on their initial predictions of success and we are not far behind.

Brett and Ryan: Trouble abounds

This couple started off low on the charts, and low on the charts they remain.

Brett and Ryan kicked off alright, but their differences quickly became apparent, as early as an awkward first dance on their wedding day. The two soon discovered they had differing lifestyles, opinions, and political views, and that was just the beginning.

It has become apparent that Ryan is not attracted to Brett. Kevin expressed his disappointment in how superficial Ryan was in his quest for a “Barbie doll” type woman.

Kevin feels that Ryan will not get over his superficial tendencies to see what a great girl Brett is. But he thinks post-divorce Brett’s DM’s will be blowing up from all the other guys standing in line to be with her.

Overall he gives this couple a Decision Doomsday prediction and we agree. Unless Ryan makes a lot of big changes very quickly, we don’t see a lot of success in this couple’s future.

Myrla and Gil: Slow and steady wins the race?

Who –and I mean who — saw this one coming? Not us, not Kevin, and not his panel.

Myrla and Gil started as being called one of the most poorly matched MAFS couples ever! Now they are being called the MVPs of Season 13! What a turnaround!

The couple seemed to have many insurmountable differences from looks to lifestyle. Fans even felt that the two were the exact opposite of what they had asked for in a partner.

Yet Myrla and Gil came out of the wedding day with Rocky Balboa level determination and here they are. The least dramatic, somehow most successful couple on MAFS Season 13 so far.

Not only were Kevin and his panelists mistaken about the couple’s success, but they were also off in voting them most likely to consummate the marriage first. These two have only just shared their first kiss.

Kevin changed his vote on Myrla and Gil, thinking their chemistry has caused them to grow a very solid relationship. While we see the couple’s progress and potential, we are not quite so on board with their long-term success just yet.

But as we have seen, Decision Day is always a surprise, couples we think are rock solid call it quits, and couples we think surely are destined to part ways, stick it out a little longer. So at this point, it’s anyone’s game!

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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