MAFS Season 13, Episode 8 recap: Family & Friends & Feelings, Oh My!

MAFS Gil prepares for his wedding
Gil Cuera prepares for the Married at First Sight wedding day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Keeping up with this season’s MAFS couples highs and lows is a full-time job.

We’ve watched the couples go from glowing honeymooners to separate living situations in less than twenty-four-hour spans. What is going on here?

Let’s take a look at what this latest episode of Married at First Sight unfolded for these couples.

Bao wonders if Johnny was ready for marriage, and so does Johnny

Johnny and Bao continue to be dedicated to working through their differences but a new and concerning issue seems to have surfaced for the couple. Bao has begun to question whether Johnny was actually ready for marriage, but what’s worse, so does Johnny.

In a very emotional “grooms meetup” Johnny admitted to the other husbands that he was not attracted to Bao’s personality and was having a hard time making a deeper connection with her. Johnny then revealed tearfully to the cameras that he was not sure that he had been ready for marriage, even though he thought he had been.

Bao had also revealed she felt the same way. She felt that Johnny leaving the couple’s apartment over one small argument was concerning and could be proof that maybe he wasn’t ready for the process, after all.

The couple went ahead with hosting their housewarming party, however, and that did seem to smooth over some of the rough spots they have been dealing with. Johnny and Bao worked together to set up the party and had a good time interacting with their friends.

The couple went to bed that night hopeful that things might have taken an upward turn. Maybe this will be the push Johnny needs to get over his cold feet and be all in with the marriage.

We certainly hope so, because as Pastor Cal’s new book title says “Marriage Ain’t For Punks!”

‘Hurricane K’ rages on

Well, our previous hopes for a peaceful episode for Michaela and Zack have gone unfulfilled. The couple experienced another rocky interaction when apparently following the previous episode’s Pastor Cal meeting,

Michaela had attempted to call off the couple’s housewarming party via text message. Fans were surprised as the closing scenes from the previous episode had Michaela crying in Zack’s arms during the meeting and seeming to reach some resolution on the blowup.

The last episode had left us with a glimmer of hope that the couple’s issues might have been resolved, but even Michaela categorized the text message as a “Category 3” on the “Hurricane K” scale.

Michaela and Zack decided to go ahead with the housewarming regardless, and the event was awkward at best. Zack chatted with Michaela’s friends and told them the details surrounding the blowup. Zack asked if it was behavior that was the norm for Michaela or if it was unusual. Her friends assured him that it was not the norm and that once she became comfortable with him, the behaviors would resolve.

Although, no sooner had they said that, than the couple got into another altercation, after the guests had left. Zack let Michaela know how he felt about the blowup and walk out and Michaela did not seem to understand his continued unacceptance of her apology.

The couple went round and round for a few minutes before Zack let Michaela know he would not be staying the night at the couple’s shared apartment, apparently, it was now his turn to walk out.

The episode ended with the couple’s issues still unresolved. But while Zack might not have had much to say about the previous fight, fans certainly have had plenty of opinions as the social media storm around Michaela’s behavior rages on just as fiercely as “Hurricane K.”

Myrla and Gil focus on finances — again

While Michaela and Zack may have thrown us for a loop this episode, Myrla and Gil keep circling the drain on the same issue. Money, money, money. Although they still don’t see eye to eye and that is no surprise, there was one little nugget in the episode that did take everyone a little off guard.

Pastor Cal had recommended that Myrla and Gil sit down and talk finances by creating a budget and looking at each other’s bank account information. Now with Myrla’s lifestyle and Gil’s line of work, fans had assumed there might be a difference in salaries. Myrla’s savings account is apparently much larger than Gil’s.

This has fans wondering, why is Gil is asking Myrla to stop spending when she has a sizeable savings account already?

Myrla has already made it very clear that she will not be changing her lifestyle, and now fans and experts alike are wondering, should she have to? If she already is saving, and saving more than Gil, then what’s the problem?

On a more positive note, Myrla was able to meet Gil’s mother for the first time via Facetime and it meant a lot for the couple to be able to make that happen. Myrla and Gil enjoyed a housewarming party together, in which Myrla and Gil’s friends once again had the finance and lifestyle conversation and once again they did not see eye to eye.

But hopefully, Myrla and Gil can find some common ground, if for no other reason than for everyone to stop talking about it.

Rachel and Jose water their love garden

Rachel and Jose just keep chugging along. Low drama, high compatibility, that’s what we like to see. We admit we were not the first ones on the Jose and Rachel train. In fact, the couple made it next to last on our Most Likely to Succeed list, but this couple seems to be winning the Season 13 award for least drama so far.

Rachel and Jose are attracted to each other, have consummated the marriage, and are on the same page about most things. They seem more than capable of working through the few differences they have.

In this episode, Rachel and Jose could be found browsing for plants for their new garden in preparation for their housewarming with friends and family. The housewarming went off without a hitch, they did discuss their differences in financial planning, but Brett and Ryan’s friends and families assured them it was an issue they could meet in the middle on.

Ryan and Brett continue to create a connection and all signs point to smooth sailing for these two.

Ryan and Brett experience high anxiety

While Brett and Ryan are also fairly drama-free, there is one little wedge growing between the two. When chatting with a friend, Ryan expressed he was having a hard time with Brett’s anxious ways.

Ryan gave examples of the plane ride, the kayak trip, and the introduction of the dogs. Ryan said he was much more laid back than she seemed to be and it was causing some difficulties for him.

On the other hand, Brett gushed to her friend about Ryan’s physique and active ways and expressed how physically attracted she was to him.

While Ryan and Brett are yet to have any open disagreements, could Brett’s anxiety continue to be cause for concern as it drives a deeper wedge between them? Or will Ryan use his laid-back ways to just let it slide?

We will find out next week, and from the look of the trailers that have been released for next week’s episode, we won’t want to miss a minute.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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