MAFS: Ryan Ignasiak gives his take on the newlyweds, names one cast member as the MVP

Married at First Sight alum Ryan Ignasiak shares his thoughts on the current season's couples.
Ryan Ignasiak reveals his favorite cast member from MAFS Season 15. Pic credit: @ryanignacho/Instagram

Married at First Sight has become a reality TV phenomenon as viewers have become obsessed with strangers agreeing to marry one another.

The Lifetime hit show is now in Season 15 and working to prove that there may actually be a science to falling in love.

As the current season of Married at First Sight airs, many of the show’s former cast members are speaking out about the newlywed couples.

Season 13 star Ryan Ignasiak is the latest alum to share his thoughts and give his breakdown on the couple’s budding romances.

After going through the process, Ryan did not end up with a lasting marriage. However, he feels his time on the show has helped him understand relationships better.

To put his knowledge to the test, Ryan wrote an article recapping the latest episode of MAFS and pointing out some of the biggest red flags he noticed from the couples.

Ryan Ignasiak names his MVP of the season

In his recap for People magazine, Ryan addressed the many disagreements and conflicts the couples faced since moving in together. He started with Miguel and Lindy, who seem to be diving into marriage headfirst.

The two argued over Lindy changing her last name and Miguel adding her to his insurance plan. Ryan thinks these two are in a good spot and can easily overcome these issues. He seems to have high hopes for them come Decision Day and thinks they can make their marriage work.

When it comes to Justin and Alexis, Ryan agreed with Alexis when she said maybe these two dropped the L-word a bit too quickly, which could be the cause of their problems.

Ryan also thinks Alexis is doing a good job of showing her commitment to her marriage and trying to ensure Justin is also willing to fight for their relationship. Ryan shared his admiration for Alexis and said she is his MVP for the season so far.

He thinks Justin and Alexis can make things work for the long haul if they just embrace the different ways they resolve conflicts. He thinks they’ll be back to loving on each other sooner than later.

Krysten and Mitch had a slight hiccup after Krysten revealed she kept part of her relationship history a secret. Once she shared her past with Mitch, the two seemed to be doing well and constantly showing affection for one another.

Ryan didn’t feel Krysten’s secret was that bad and hoped it doesn’t become a bigger issue in the future. He acknowledged Krysten’s attempts to embrace Mitch’s environmental lifestyle and keep things in their marriage going smoothly.

Ryan Ignasiak discusses the MAFS couples who may be in trouble

When it comes to Binh and Morgan, Ryan was surprised that the argument about Morgan’s job title was still happening. He talked about the emotional disconnect these two have and how Morgan needs more affection and reassurance from Binh.

After the two shared bits of their relationship with their friends, Ryan made an observation that Binh may get over things a bit easier and quicker than Morgan. Binh seems ready to move on from their argument while Morgan is still holding on to it. This could be part of the downfall of their relationship.

Nate and Stacia seemed to be doing well on the surface, but Ryan thinks Stacia’s urge for Nate to be more vulnerable and expressive of his feelings could push him away.

While talking to his friends, Nate shared his concerns about Stacia already discussing having kids. Ryan noted that if they don’t have a serious conversation soon where Nate shares his true feelings on the topic, their marriage could be in danger.

Ryan seems to be excited for the upcoming episode where the couples will continue settling into their lives together and getting to know each other better. He’s mostly hopeful for the couples and thinks they can find a way to work through their issues.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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