MAFS rumor: Did producers convince Becca and Austin to say yes on Decision Day?

MAFS couple Becca Haley and Austin Reed
Did Becca Haley and Austin Reed willingly say yes on Decision Day? Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight is a major topic of conversation on social media after the recent airing of the Decision Day episode.

We didn’t get any shockers regarding the decision by most of the couples to end their marriages because we saw that coming a mile away.

We were still on the fence about Austin Reed and Becca Haley, who started solid but had a bumpy ride in the later episodes.

Interestingly, they opted to stay married, at least for now, to try working on their relationship without the cameras.

Becca felt Austin was putting on a facade while filming. Still, despite her confusion about which direction to go, she eventually decided to give their marriage a second try.

However, did the couple want to stay married, or were they prompted to do so by producers?

Did MAFS producers convince Becca and Austin to stay married?

Becca and Austin were the only couple who didn’t break up before Decision Day but had major challenges toward the end of the eight-week experiment.

Becca was confused about whether Austin liked her since he refused to consummate their marriage or give her the affection she needed.

She’s been in tears about their relationship for several weeks, yet she said yes to staying married on Decision Day, but why?

The latest rumor floating around is that the couple didn’t plan on staying married but were prompted to do so by producers to save face.

On an MAFS Instagram page, @mafsfan posted a message from a viewer who claimed some time ago that her sister was dating Austin.

The woman said she got information from Austin that he and Becca said “no” on Decision Day.

However, “afterward the production team took them backstage and convinced them to say yes” because all the other couples had failed.

The woman said they “bribed” the MAFS couple to reshoot the scene and say yes to staying married, “but they are not together and have to wait legally for the whole show to air to get divorced.”

Instagram Story from a MAFS fan page
Rumor about Austin Reed and Becca Haley. Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

MAFS Season 17 was a total fail

Becca and Austin started Season 17 with eight other Denver singles, but one couple didn’t tie the knot.

There was a runaway bride situation, the first in the show’s history, that left Michael Shiakalis without a partner.

However, the three other couples that made it down the aisle: Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet, Clare Kerr and Cameron Frazer, and Lauren Good and Orion Martzloff didn’t even last until Decision Day.

Lauren and Orion’s issues began on their honeymoon, and once they returned home, the marriage was over.

A few episodes later, Clare and Cameron’s lack of chemistry also caused them to call it quits.

Emily and Brennan had issues in their marriage early, but for some strange reason, they refused to end things. However, Emily finally reached her breaking point after discovering that her husband was dating other women.

On Decision Day, all the couples except for Becca and Austin said no to staying married.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Martha Tapia
Martha Tapia
2 months ago

Why would the producers push them to stay together if it was obvious that they were not going anywhere. That is poor production and then a producer went out with him? I watch the show but to see the individuals grow together. It makes me not want watch again if it continues as is

Janice K. Love
Janice K. Love
2 months ago
Reply to  Martha Tapia


Kathryn Behrmann
Kathryn Behrmann
2 months ago

I think Clare was a big instigater to the other women. She was a therapist and definitely “counseled” the women and over analyzed every situation when she should have stepped back. Also why do they keep couples who opt out of the marriage early in the social couple dates.