MAFS fans discuss Austin and Becca: ‘He’s definitely not into her’

MAFS star Becca Haley
Becca Haley grows frustrated with Austin Hurd. Pic credit: Lifetime

To say things are not going well for Becca Haley would be an understatement, and sadly, it’s not getting any better.

Initially, we were hopeful about Becca and Austin Hurd’s marriage, but now, something is off.

Married at First Sight fans are convinced they know exactly why Austin refuses to get intimate with his wife, saying, “he’s definitely not into her.”

And the way things have been playing out, that’s the logical explanation for why their relationship is at a standstill.

It’s unfortunate how things have been over the past few weeks because initially, the pair seemed to be a good match.

Upon meeting at the altar, they had an instant physical connection and discovered they had things in common.

However, things have gotten stagnant as Austin refuses to consummate his marriage, much to Becca’s frustration.

Becca feels ‘disconnected’ from Austin due to their lack of intimacy

Episode 17 is a few hours away, and Monsters and Critics recently shared a sneak peek of what’s to come.

However, another teaser shows more of the tearful conversation between Austin and Becca after he abruptly leaves their bed to sleep in another room.

“I’m feeling disconnected from Austin, and I’m feeling sad about how last night went,” confessed Becca to the cameras.

Meanwhile, the clip shows her and Austin in conversation as she tearfully tells him she is disappointed with his behavior.

As usual, Austin claims to understand his wife’s feelings and tells her, “I do want to make it better.”

However, Becca has heard that before.

“This is a conversation that we have repeatedly, and it’s always left with a promise of ‘I will do better, I promise I desire you,’ and what happens is nothing,” she retorts.

MAFS fans say Austin is just not into Becca

After the preview was posted on Instagram, viewers took to the comments to share their opinions on Becca and Austin.

“Yikes … he’s definitely not into her …. But plays like he is???” reasoned MAFS alum Jamie Otis. “I can see why she’s confused bc he makes out with her and cuddles her all the time but then just doesn’t wanna do it w her…”

“I wish he would quit acting like he’s into her when he’s not,” said someone else. “I wonder what his issue is? I had high hopes for them at the beginning but not anymore.😢.”

One commenter said, “Babe you need to move on!!! Who wants a man that doesn’t want you?! Run!!!!”

MAFS viewers comment on Becca and Austin
Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

Someone else said, “He doesn’t seem to be able to get past ‘something.’ And I think that something is that he’s just not attracted to her. Very shallow. 😢.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Susan Hunt
Susan Hunt
2 months ago

This show creates more heartache than joy for these people who are so desperate for love, very sad turnout for most of them.