MAFS recap: The honeymoon is over

MAFS Ryan and Brett meet at the altar
MAFS Ryan and Brett meet at the altar Pic credit: Lifetime

All good things must come to an end, and this week saw the end of the MAFS Season 13 couple’s honeymoon.

The four couples, and Zack, waved goodbye to their Florida Keys paradise, to head back to the real world, and with it, all the realities of marriage. But let’s take a look at what the final days of the honeymoon, brought each couple.

Can Bao and Johnny clean up their act?

This couple’s honeymoon was a bit of a roller coaster for the two of them and the fans alike. The couple experienced some serious highs as they soared above the Florida Keys on a parasailing outing, then hit some all-time lows as the two dove into more serious issues about their relationship.

We knew it. We knew it had to come up sometime. Johnny’s cleanliness. We thought it might at least wait until after the honeymoon, but here we are.

Johnny laid down the nighttime hygiene routine with Bao, and she was less than thrilled. Johnny told Bao that he liked himself and his partner to have a nightly shower before bedtime, especially if they had been working out or doing anything that would cause them to get sweaty.

Bao admitted there were times she would just be too tired to rinse off before bed, even after a workout. Bao tried to offer the compromise of crashing on the couch on those days, but Johnny was not having it. The couple never seemed to reach a conclusion on the issue, which doesn’t bode well for post-honeymoon life.

The addition of Johnny almost floating out to sea on a paddleboard during the groups’ boat outing also added a layer of suspense and drama for the couples to end their trip with. (Don’t worry, he made it back to the boat in one piece.)

Brett and Ryan: That which does not kill us

Brett and Ryan went kayaking and we found another item to add to Brett’s “do not do” list. Apparently, water activities also make the list, which already included air activities such as flying. Hey, we get it, she is a “feet firmly on solid ground” kind of gal.

Unfortunately, her new hubby Ryan is kind of the opposite. Between his frequent travels and water activities, the two might have a hard time finding common ground, literally and figuratively.

But Brett was a good sport, even though the appearance of manatees on their excursion had her nearly flipping her kayak. But the two made it back in one piece and Brett was even up for the group boat trip, although she took a pass on the paddleboarding part of the excursion. Although, given the fact we almost lost Johnny to the sea during that portion of the trip, perhaps Brett was wise to abstain.

Can Michaela and Zack heal their honeymoon hurt?

Not much is new with this couple this week. Zack is still sic, although feeling somewhat better. Michaela is still in Houston.

The other couples made attempts to include Zack as much as possible by Facetiming during the group dinner and showing up to his balcony, Romeo and Juliet style, to toss up beers and words of encouragement.

Although the main objective of MAFS is obviously finding a romantic partner, we have to say another benefit of the show are the friendships it seems to create among the participants. Jose and Zack’s bromance certainly warms our hearts anyway.

Jose and Rachel’s romance gets spicy

Jose and Rachel certainly bring the heat in their relationship as the couple’s physical intimacy is apparent. In fact, the other couples voted Jose and Rachel either the winners or runners up for the “Most Likely to Consummate The Marriage First” award.

While the couple may have been pretty low on our “Most Likely To Succeed” list we definitely agree with the other couples about them taking their already spicy relationship to the next level, and probably sooner rather than later.

The couple continues to have some disagreements over finance but seem like they are at least open to communicating and having an open dialogue about the issue. We will see how it all plays out when the rubber hits the road of reality when the couple returns to Houston.

Myrla is in the doghouse

So what’s all the hype, about Hype? Hype is Gil’s dog and Myrla’s now sworn enemy. Myrla told Gil as early as their wedding day that she did not like dogs or their mess. Gil seemed disappointed but thought Myrla would change her mind. But it was clear on the final days of the honeymoon, Myrla was simply not going to compromise on this issue.

Myrla told Gil she would not be walking the dog or taking care of it during his 24 hour, two day a week work schedule and Gil was not a happy camper. Gil told Myrla that that information made it hard for him to even want to get to know her further.

While many fans were wondering why the dog was such a big deal, we know from previous seasons that the dog issue, can make or break a relationship.

Here’s hoping that Myrla meeting the dog will change her mind and bring her out of the doghouse with Gil.

Well, that’s all folks. Tune in next week as we spill the tea on what post-honeymoon life brings for our Season 13 couples. *Spoiler alert* From the trailer for next week, it looks like we will have plenty to talk about when “Hurricane K” makes her second appearance of the season!

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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