MAFS recap: In sickness and in health

MAFS Myrla makes a face about the honeymoon room
MAFS Myrla called the hotel a “senior citizens’ center.” Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s day three of marriage and already all five couples are breaking down barriers. Bao and Johnny’s pillow barrier comes down, Rachel and Jose get real about finances and Michaela and Zack face the sickness and health part of their vows much sooner than they thought!

Michaela and Zack start off with a positive…

A positive COVID-19 test that is… Yep, day one of the honeymoon revealed that Zack was positive for COVID-19 and Michaela was not pleased. Zack said he did not want to expose Michaela to the virus, and Michaela expressed her frustration about experiencing the honeymoon on her own.

But it seems like the couple never quite reached a good place on the matter. Talk about vows being tested on day one! Already the couple is being asked the question… in sickness and in health?

The episode ended with Michaela going back to Houston while Zack stayed behind quarantined in the couple’s Florida honeymoon hotel room. Bummer.

Bao and Johnny take down their walls(and the bodypillow)

Bao and Johnny finally told each other how they feel–and fans everywhere melted. In a very romantic beach picnic the two told each other that they were developing feelings and liked the direction things were going.

The two also talked about their dating history and Johnny revealed that he had been on over one hundred first dates! Bao joked that he could have just saved himself some time if he hadn’t ghosted her all those years ago. Sick burn, Bao!

But Bao’s comebacks weren’t the only thing heating up on the honeymoon. While the couple lathered each other with sunscreen by the pool, Johnny admitted he had to focus very hard on what Bao was saying to keep himself from looking at her in her bathing suit.

The honeymoon got even steamier as the couple cuddled up in bed that night and discussed finally removing the infamous body pillow that had been separating the two night after night. But just as Johnny started to make the move…Bao revealed Johnny’s comments about her snoring actually hit on one of her insecurities and that if her snoring bothered him then she felt she should sleep in the other room. *Cue romantic music screeching to a halt.*

It was not a great way to end the couple’s perfect day, but hopefully, the two can overcome Bao’s nighttime noises with a little help from a sound machine.

“Myrlzilla” third wheels the honeymoon

On Myrla and Gil’s wedding day, we were introduced to Myrla’s alter ego, “Myrlzilla”, the personality that comes out when Myrla is displeased with something(or many somethings.) Well unfortunately for Gil, it seemed almost everything about the honeymoon was not quite to Myrla’s liking.

Myrla expressed displeasure with the hotel, the room, the pool, the non-beachfront room, and even the type of milk that came with her morning coffee. We hope Gil packed a pen and pad of paper because he will need to start taking notes on Myrla’s long list of dislikes.

Gil joked with the other couples that sometimes he felt that he interacted with Myrla like he would a toddler, that she would have her tantrum and he would let her go on with it until she wore herself out. While it seemed like it was a joke, they say there is always an ounce of truth in every joke, so was Gil truly joking, or was there a little nugget of truth in there?

The couple continued to hit roadblocks in personality between Gil’s laid-back ways and Myrla’s… shall we say… specific tastes. There has been a lot of fan debate over whether Myrla is “high maintenance or high class” and which side Gil fell on. Well, we think it’s safe to say the debate over what Gil thinks can be put to rest, as he told Myrla flat out, he thought she was high maintenance. Womp womp.

Gil also found out in talking to the other couples, that he and Myrla were the last couple to lock lips, and when he brought it up to Myrla over dinner, she seemed undisturbed by the news. Gil, however, continued to ask Myrla when or if she thought it would happen, and the couple never seemed to meet a resolution.

Rachel and Jose bask in honeymoon beaches and bliss

Jose and Rachel appeared blissful on their honeymoon getaway, as they smooched, cuddled and talked about all their similarities.

But the couple did find one issue that they did not quite see eye to eye on. Rachel got very honest with Jose, in an uncharacteristic move on her part, Rachel told Jose that she did not like him feeding her or brushing her teeth for her, that she “was not a little kid” and that she didn’t need anyone to take care of her. She explained that she was always taught to be able to take care of herself in a marriage in case it didn’t work out.

Rachel had told the matchmakers that she had a hard time being upfront in relationships and often was too passive. Rachel reported she had learned from those past mistakes, and it certainly seems like it from the conversation she had with Jose! Go Rachel!

Jose seemed somewhat confused but took the information fairly well. The couple decided to sleep on the information and revisit it another time, and in the meantime continued enjoying their fun in the sun.

Things are going so well for this couple, could they raise to the number three spot on our Most Likely to Succeed List? Only time will tell, because as Brett so eloquently put it three days in MAFS world is like three months in normal time, meaning anything could happen over the rest of the honeymoon.

Ryan and Brett decide first comes love, then comes babies?

Who knew that Ryan was such a world traveler, that his new wife’s fear of flying almost put their relationship in a tailspin.

Ryan expressed to the camera that he was somewhat embarrassed by Brett’s behavior on the plane and that if that had happened with him in any other relationship with any other girl, he most likely wouldn’t see her again. Ouch! But Ryan was a good sport and said he was going to “shake it off” and try to move on from it for the honeymoon.

Ryan expressed to Brett that his number one priority moving forward was babies. Ryan said he would like at least “2.75” kids, one boy and one girl, and that the topic was non-negotiable for him. Brett admitted she had always been on the fence about children, but that if he really wanted them, she could be OK with that. Is it just us or does that not sound like a great way to start a family?

But they say all is fair in love and war, and MAFS couples are notorious for making their own rules. So if Ryan and Brett want to start off their marriage with a bang(literally and figuratively) who are we to disagree?

We are on the edge of our seats to see what the remainder of the honeymoon holds for these five couples.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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