MAFS recap: Bolognese and battle scars

MAFS Gil smiles
MAFS Season 13 Gil smiles at his wife, Myrla. Pic credit: Lifetime

Another week is in the books for the Married at First Sight Season 13 couples. We have to come to expect some major ups and downs from these pairs, and this episode did not disappoint.

Jose gets introduced to ‘Summer Rachel’

This week we found Rachel and Jose sipping wine and spilling the tea.

Rachel and Jose headed out to check another item off their bucket list — a winery excursion. During the taste testing, Rachel revealed to Jose that he needs to saddle up for what she calls “Summer Rachel.” Since Rachel works within the school system, she gets the entire summer off, which she usually spends single and traveling, but not this summer.

Rachel tells Jose to get ready for her mood swings, boredom, and travel cravings. Jose expresses concern that when things get tough, Rachel tends to run away, and since he would not be able to drop his job and travel with her, Jose fears Rachel may become bored and want to run off on her own.

The two ultimately decide to save the wine-fueled conversation for another day. While it may not be the best or brightest conversation the two have had, it definitely trumps the knock-down drag-outs they were experiencing in last week’s episode.

The couple experienced their first disagreement, and it was dramatic. Rachel accidentally called Jose by their fellow cast member Johnny’s name, and Jose did not take it well.

An explosive fight ensued that culminated in Rachel being locked out of the apartment. While Jose claimed it was accidental, his costars did not believe he was telling the whole truth. The following day Jose did not seem distressed because Rachel had been locked out of the apartment and did not offer her an apology.

While Jose did not have much to say, fans had plenty to talk about as they weighed in on the incident, feeling that Jose’s actions were intentional.

It seems the two have put the incident behind them and have other things to worry about, like will Summer Rachel be as bad as Rachel predicts?

Bao and Johnny battle it out

Bao and Johnny hit one of their highest highs, immediately followed by their lowest lows. As the two flirted and joked over their Bolognese cooking date, both agreed that they would like to say “yes” on Decision Day. They toasted their champagne to saying “yes on Decision Day,” but no sooner had they sat down to dinner when out came another classic Johnny dinner table confessional.

Johnny accused Bao of not trying in the relationship and being inconsistent. He told her that he felt Bao’s 100 percent effort was his 150 percent and that he was trying harder than Bao was. He went on to say that Bao was not initiating enough. Bao clapped back, saying that all Johnny did in the relationship was complain about her and didn’t give her credit for any of the things she did.

Dinner ended with Johnny leaving Bao sitting alone at the dinner table, only returning to admit to Bao that he didn’t think they were compatible as a couple, and the night culminated in Johnny leaving the apartment.

The morning after revealed Bao preparing for Johnny’s family barbeque as she memorized Johnny’s family’s names in Mandarin. Still, much to her dismay, Johnny decided to attend his family’s function — alone.

Not knowing where else to turn, Bao reached out to Pastor Cal for help. Pastor Cal attempted to help the two get to the bottom of their issues, but Johnny revealed he often wished that he had been matched “with literally anyone else.” Yikes.

Pastor Cal got real with Johnny and told him to get out of his own way and start looking at the positives in Bao. Pastor Cal advised him to let go of the fantasy of some “ideal woman” and recognize no one was perfect.

Somehow through it all, the session ended with Johnny and Bao looking each other in the eye and agreeing to continue trying and be more optimistic about each other and the relationship. Here’s hoping.

Myrla and Gil talk happily ever after

Myrla and Gil once again find themselves as the front-running couple. They happily chatted about where they would live following Decision Day and even considered living in an apartment in their current building. The two agreed Gil would give notice on his current apartment, and the two made living arrangements for post-Decision Day.

Gil also revealed at dinner with a friend that Myrla, despite her initial objections, had become not only his dog Hype’s walking companion but his buddy. Gil revealed Myrla had come around to Hype and often took the dog out and even shared her food with him.

Gil and Myrla continue to get closer, and while the difference in lifestyles is still in the background, they seem to want to leave it there.

All in all, not bad for the couple who started off as seeming like the least likely to succeed. The two were so different, fans wondered why they were even matched in the first place. But so far, the two are still together and taking the lead in the race to a successful Decision Day.

Michaela and Zack make memories

Michaela and Zack spent some time off the battlefield and on the soccer field playing Bubble Ball. Afterward, the couple sat and exchanged their happiest times in the marriage and ended the event laughing and joking.

Later the two tag-teamed a scrapbooking project. While putting together pictures from their wedding and honeymoon, they wrote poems for each other and shared that while things had been tough, they were still committed to each other and the process.

Michaela revealed to her sister she was in love with Zack, and the two’s communication had greatly improved. Both Michaela and Zack seemed happy and without complaint in this episode. No blowups, no walkouts, and no “Hurricane K” sightings.

Brett and Ryan get down and dirty

Brett and Ryan seem to have a lot to say, unfortunately just not to each other. The couple has hit a standstill in their relationship, and both revealed to friends and family how they felt things weren’t working out.

Brett sipped cocktails and chatted with one of her close friends, and during the meetup, she revealed that she felt like Ryan had checked out and that she was fast approaching her breaking point as her hope in the relationship continued to wane.

Ryan went to the gym with his MAFS costar Zack and admitted that he wasn’t feeling things with Brett. Zack encouraged Ryan to tell Brett how he felt so that she wasn’t blindsided.

In an attempt to rekindle things, Brett planned a bonding event for her and Ryan and asked Rachel and Jose to join them. The crew found themselves facing off on an adult obstacle course while the girls took on the guys in a winner take all race. While the foursome seemed to enjoy themselves, it did not do much for Brett and Ryan’s relationship.

Later, Ryan revealed to his sister that Brett’s lack of cleanliness around the home is an issue for him. Ryan admitted that he also is turned off by Brett’s high anxiety, and he feels he is overcompensating for her by having to be calmer.

Ryan’s sister also encouraged him to be honest with Brett because she felt his holding back was doing more harm than good, so Ryan had a sit down with Brett at everyone’s urging. But at the last second, it seemed he changed his mind, and he only told her that he was still struggling to find a connection and was going to move from where he had been camping out on the couch into the extra bedroom in the apartment. Oh well, maybe next time.

The Season 13 couples are quickly approaching Decision Day, and at this point, who will say yes to forever, and who will part ways is anyone’s guess.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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