MAFS Pink Pact reunites for Emily Balch’s birthday

MAFS alums Emily Balch and Becca Haley screenshot
Emily Balch reunites with Becca Haley on her birthday. Pic credit: Lifetime

Emily Balch, Clare Kerr, Lauren Good, and Becca Haley were dubbed the Pink Pact after they wore pink throughout their Season 17 appearances as a sign of female empowerment

Married at First Sight viewers weren’t exactly impressed with the women’s behavior and turned on the foursome towards the end of the season.

That only made their friendship tighter as they leaned on each other amid harsh online backlash. 

However, MAFS fans might be surprised to know that the women are still closer than ever, and they recently reunited for a special occasion

Emily just turned 31 and the blonde beauty had her girls by her side to celebrate the special occasion.

The women looked happy in the snaps posted online, proving their bond since meeting on the show is stronger than ever.

Emily Balch celebrates her birthday with her MAFS costars

The Denver wives may have lost out on the marriages they had hoped for when they signed up for the show, but they scored a major win in the friendship department.

We’ve seen many photos of the MAFS alums hanging out since the season ended, and the besties are still going strong.

The Pink Pact’s latest outing included a day of fun and celebration for Emily Balch, who kicked off the second year in her thirties.

Clare Kerr shared Instagram snaps on her page that showed the foursome giving a kiss to the camera during a fancy dinner for the birthday girl.

Becca, Lauren, Clare, and Emily were smiling as they snuggled close for the second photo.

“Birthday smooches for the bday girl💚 @the_emily_balch,” wrote Clare in the caption of her post.

MAFS fans notice a major change with Becca Haley

While the comments were flooded with birthday greetings for Emily, Becca got a lot of attention for her drastic new look.

We met the Season 17 star with pink, shoulder-length hair, but she’s drastically changed since then.

Her pink tresses have since been replaced with a stunning brown hue and judging by the comments, people are loving it.

“Becca’s hair looks so much better ❤️,” wrote a commenter.

“Becca so much cuter without the pink hair!” exclaimed someone else.

An Instagram user wrote, “Love Becca with brown hair! 🔥🔥.”

Another posted, “Looooove Becca hair!”

Someone else wished Emily a “Happy Birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉” and added, “Becca… beautiful hair.”

MAFS viewers comment on Becca Haley's drastic hair change
MAFS fans share their support. Pic credit: @clarebearkerr/Instagram

Did you recognize Becca Haley with her brown hair? Share what you think about the drastic change in the comment section below.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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Beverly Cooper
Beverly Cooper
21 days ago

This group has to be the FF’s (FAKIEST FEMALES), ever in the history of MAFS…