MAFS Pink Pact has been ‘quietly dating great men’ since the show

MAFS stars Emily Balch and Lauren Good
Are Emily Balch and Lauren Good are dating new men? Pic credit: Lifetime

Say what you want about the Pink Pact” Emily Balch, Lauren Good, Becca Haley, and their alleged leader, Clare Kerr, because they don’t care.

The MAFS wives have been fielding backlash left and right since the reunion, but they’re sticking together like glue.

Half the crew, Becca and Clare, have remained quiet on social media amid harsh criticism from viewers, but Lauren and especially Emily have been speaking out.

Most recently, the duo reacted to the onslaught of negative comments about her and the other wives and made it clear that they’re doing great post-MAFS.

The blonde beauty shared a message from Lauren who commented on the claims the women can’t move on from the drama.

The message noted that they have all moved on and are all dating great men, but have opted to keep that part of their lives private.

The MAFS Season 17 wives have been ‘quietly dating’ after their divorces

The Pink Pact is responding to MAFS critics who claim they’re still holding on to drama from the show.

However, in the lengthy text from Lauren, she wrote, “I find it hilarious that people are continuing to say things like ‘the ladies in pink can’t move on…I wish they’d just move on,’ under random pictures of us enjoying life,” the message read.

She claimed they have moved on from the show and are living their best lives.

“In the past year we’ve been to collectively 10 countries, we’ve been happily (and quietly) dating great men…pouring into our mental health, enjoying our lives…quite literally moving on,” it continued.

Instead, Lauren reasoned that MAFS viewers “can’t move on” and are projecting that onto them.

Emily Balch throws shade at Chloe Brown for a misleading comment

Interestingly, Emily’s post was initially aimed at throwing shade at Chloe Brown over a comment she made in the Where Are They Now episode.

Remember when the MAFS husbands joined Chloe at the animal sanctuary in the final Season 17 episode?

During a scene with Brennan Shokhet and Cameron Frazer, Chloe said the women were not invited because “I don’t know that they would step foot in such a place.”

The problem is that they have set foot in that exact place with Chloe. So Emily took to Instagram to call her out.

She shared a throwback photo from October 2023, initially posted by Clare, showing the duo posing with the brunette beauty at the Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary.

She also posted a clip of Chloe’s comment and a screenshot of Lauren’s message on the slide.

Emily also noted that Chloe’s comment’s timeline doesn’t make sense since their animal sanctuary visit was in October, months before filming Where Are They Now?

Does that mean Chloe was lying, and if so, why? Here’s hoping she responds and clears things up.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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Donna R. Ablard
Donna R. Ablard
11 days ago

the “Pink” girls are very revengeful