MAFS: Noi Phommasak claps back at critic who called her ‘shallow’

MAFS star Noi Phommasak claps back after one viewer called her out for being shallow.
MAFS viewer says Noi Phommasak is shallow. Pic credit: Lifetime.

Married at First Sight star Noi Phommasak got called out by a viewer, but she refused to sit by and take the insult. After sharing a photo from her trip to Paris, one critic called Noi “shallow” and referred to her constant money worries on the show.

However, Noi quickly clapped back and hinted that there were things that the audience was not privy to and that she is not shallow for being concerned about finances. 

Interestingly, Noi’s Parisian trip appears to be a solo adventure as there has been no sign of Steve Moy in any of her photos.

The Boston couple initially made for a great match, but cracks started to show in their relationship regarding two significant issues: kids and finances. It seems they’re still trying to work on these issues.

Noi Phommasak claps back at a critic for calling her shallow

The Married at First Sight star is enjoying her trip to Paris, and she shared a photo from her travels that garnered a snide comment.

The post showed Noi at a cafe sipping drinks out of a pineapple as she posed for the photo. However, one viewer wasn’t too pleased to see Noi enjoying herself on the Parisian getaway after complaining about Steve not making enough money, so she had a mouthful for the 33-year-old. 

“She is so shallow. Worried about money the whole show instead of trusting her husband,” commented the Instagram user. “I hope she is eating her words.” 

“I don’t think you know what shallow means,” responded Noi. “Worrying about financial stability when your husband doesn’t have a job is a normal response for anyone.”

‘Perhaps I know something you all don’t,” she later added.

Noi Phommasak claps back after being called shallow.
Pic credit: @hello_noizy/Instagram

Critics call out Noi Phommasak during her Parisian vacation

The critic in question wasn’t the only person who had something to say about Noi’s Parisian vacation after she complained about money last season.

After the Married at First Sight star tied the knot with Steve Moy, she became increasingly concerned because he did not have a nine-to-five job. Steve works as a freelancer and has periods where he’s at home while in between projects.

Throughout the season, Noi continued to complain about Steve not working full time and not being able to finally support them if they started a family in the future. Viewers turned on Noi when she wouldn’t let the matter go, and they quickly reminded her of her money concerns after her latest post in Paris.

“She’s all smiles now! What happened to her money concerns?” questioned one Instagram user.

“Noi you in Paris and you [were] worried about Steve having money,” added someone else.

“One person posted an eye-roll emoji and noted, “Guess she’s not worried about money now.”

MAFS viewers call out Noi Phommasak on social media.
Pic credit: @hello_noizy/Instagram

One critic also chimed in “Expensive vacay, hmmm.”

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, July 6, on Lifetime. 

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