MAFS: Johnny reveals how he really feels about Bao’s one-night stand

Married at First Sight’s, Johnny revealed how he really felt after learning about Bao’s one-night stand. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Houston couples on Married at First Sight played a game of “Never Have I Ever,” and it turned out how it usually does with a new partner, messy.

While Jose learned that Rachel cheated in a relationship in the past, Johnny learned that his new wife Bao has accomplished something he never has, and that’s a steamy one-night stand.

In a conversation with Jamie Otis on Unfiltered, Johnny revealed how he really felt after learning about Bao’s one-night stand.

Johnny reveals how he feels about Bao’s one night stand

The playful drinking game ended with some major revelations and the MAFS alum asked Johnny how he felt about learning that new fact about his wife.

“Yeah I was surprised by that ’cause I’ve never had a one-night stand,” Johnny replied. “But when I heard that my wife had, I mean, one, I kind of like whoa, I didn’t expect that. But two… maybe she’s open to kind of ramping up physically quickly with me.”

While Jamie admitted she thought Johnny was taken aback by it, he admitted, “I was surprised, but it was a pleasant surprise.”

One of the challenges the new match has discovered is their differing love languages. While Johnny craves physical touch, a more reserved Bao isn’t used to the constant affection.

Johnny is lacking physical intimacy from his relationship with Bao

While Johnny and Bao have most viewers rooting for them, they definitely will need to make compromises to make the match work.

Now that they’re leaving the romantic backdrop of the honeymoon and moving into the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, they’ll have to decide if they can live the little quirks that start to pop up in their new life together.

Despite both considering themselves major neat freaks, they learned that they may have different definitions of what it means to be neat.

The two recently had a conversation about showering in which Johnny learned that his new wife is known to skip showers after working out.

While Johnny tries to make her feel comfortable in the situation, MAFS fans will remember early in the matchmaking process when he was expressed to Dr. Pepper that showering frequently was important to him.

Do you think Bao and Johnny will be able to get past this roadblock in their marriage?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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