MAFS: Jessica Studer gives update on ‘Baby H’ for his one month anniversary

Jessica and Austin Hurd
Jessica and Austin celebrate their baby’s one-month anniversary. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jessica and Austin Hurd added to the MAFS family when they welcomed their son Westin Paul Hurd into the world. 

Time has flown since Jessica gave birth and their precious bundle of joy is now one month old. 

Jessica shared a sweet post to celebrate Westin’s one-month anniversary and provided an update on all the things he enjoys doing as a one-month-old. 

Jessica Studer shares adorable moments from her son’s first month 

Jessica took to social media to post a series of photos and a video featuring her happy healthy baby. 

In the first photo, Westin is laid down in a comfy green outfit next to numbers that reveal he’s one month. Jessica also shared a video of Westin adorably wiggling around and photos of Westin yawning and smiling as he rested comfortably around greenery and a plush toy. 

Jessica captioned the post, “A few days late…can’t believe this little man is already 1 month!”

Jessica also documented all the activities Westin enjoys, saying, “He loves wiggling around, breaking his arms free from any swaddle, and long naps” with a blue heart emoji. 

Finally, Jessica shared, “The days are still a blur, and time is passing [too] quickly. Soaking up all the cuddles while I can” with a warm and fuzzy smiling emoji. 

The post received lots of love from fans and followers and fellow MAFS stars that they befriended on Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam including, Anthony D’Amico. Shawniece Jackson, Amani Randall, and Karen Landry-Williams. 

While Jessica and Austin were the only lasting couple from the 10th season of Married at First Sight, Jessica befriended the women from her season, and costars Taylor Dunklin, as well as Meka Jones showed love for Westin on his one-month anniversary. 

Jessica and Austin documented their pregnancy experience on national television 

Jessica and Austin let fans in on their pregnancy journey during their appearance on Married at First Sight: Couple’ Cam. 

From the moment Jessica told Austin about the pregnancy, to training their dog on how to behave when the baby arrives, to their cute baseball-inspired gender reveal, Jessica and Austin documented the whole experience of bringing their son into the world, including checking into the hospital.

It’s likely Jessica and Austin will continue to update fans on how their sweet baby boy is doing as he continues to reach monthly milestones. 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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