MAFS: Jessica and Austin Hurd check in to the hospital to prepare to meet their new baby

MAFS Jess grins.
MAFS Jess and Austin can’t wait to meet their baby. Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s here! Not the baby, at least not yet, but it is the day of Married at First Sight’s Jessica Hurd’s scheduled C-section to welcome she and Austin Hurd’s first child, “Baby H.”

Jess checks in so the baby can check out

It’s checkout time Baby H! Mother to be, Jessica Hurd has officially checked into the hospital for the planned C section that will bring her new baby out into the world.

Jess posted to her Instagram story a picture of herself and hubby Austin, in the hospital with a text that said “Ready.”

She added it would probably be the last post they would have for a while until the new baby came so she wanted to give a final update. She said things were going well and they were just waiting to be taken back to surgery for the C-section.

Both parents look nervous but excited in the picture and we are sure are over the moon to welcome their new baby.

In a recent Couples Cam episode the couple did reveal they are having a baby boy, but as far as names go, we are still being left in the dark.

But Jess and Austin look just as excited as we are to meet their new baby. Ok, ok maybe they are a little more excited than we are, but not by much, as we have watched this couple go from bumbling newlyweds, through their first “I love you’s” to navigating new home ownership, and now through the wild world of parenting.

Jess and Austin check in to the hospital.
Pic credit: @jessica_studer2/Instagram

Jess and Austin: ‘It’s the C-section life for us’

Jess and Austin’s “Baby H” is apparently just as stubborn as they are as he has decided to stay breech, despite his mother’s best efforts.

Jess and Austin found out several weeks ago that their new baby was in the breech position, meaning his feet are where his head should be, not allowing him to pass through the birth canal in the normal fashion.

Jess and Austin tried everything to get the baby to flip. Jess even posted to her Instagram a checklist of all the things she had tried but it seemed like Baby H wasn’t going anywhere without a little help.

So Jess and Austin went ahead and scheduled a C-section, which is happening today.

Ultimately the couple said their main concern was a safe delivery for the baby so whatever that entailed they were fine with. They just want what’s best for the baby, as they wait impatiently for his arrival. We are right there with you, Jess and Austin. Good luck!

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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