MAFS’ Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd are only 7 weeks away from meeting Baby H

MAFS Jess smiles happily
MAFS Jessica and Austin can’t wait to meet their baby. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight Season 10’s Jessica and Austin Hurd are only a few short weeks away from meeting their new baby, and the couple couldn’t be happier.

Jessica and Austin can’t wait to meet their baby

Jess and Austin are in the single-digit week countdown to meeting their first child together, Baby Hurd.

Jessica posted a picture to her Instagram of the couple’s recent beach trip, with a caption saying she wanted to go back to the sound of the waves and how she and Austin couldn’t believe in just seven short weeks, they would be hearing the sounds of their baby instead!

The couple celebrated their second anniversary around their pregnancy news announcement. Jessica had initially thought that their conception process might take be a long one since her twin sister had recently had fertility issues. Then, much to Jessica and Austin’s surprise, they came up pregnant almost immediately.

An even bigger surprise came when Jessica hesitatingly told her twin sister of her pregnancy news, and her sister shared she was pregnant too! The sisters are just a few short weeks apart, and the families couldn’t be happier to meet the new babies.

Jessica and Austin prepare for ‘Baby H’

‘Baby H’ is the affectionate term the couple has given the baby. As they don’t know the baby’s gender and couldn’t quite see eye to eye on a name, they came up with the term of endearment of ‘Baby H.’

While the two haven’t settled on a name yet, they have been making all kinds of other preparations in honor of the baby’s arrival.

The most recent MAFS Couples Cam revealed Jessica and Austin setting up their nursery for the new baby. As Jess and Austin decided they didn’t want to know the gender until delivery day, they agreed on a gender-neutral shade of green and a woodland theme for their new nursery.

The two also replaced a very noisy ceiling fan in the baby’s room, only to discover the one they replaced it with was even louder!

The couple then were unsure if the color they had painted was, in fact too green, but decided once the crib and pictures went up, it would probably be fine.

While there were a few mishaps in putting together the nursery, it was apparent from Jess and Austin’s excitement that they couldn’t wait to meet the new addition to their family.

The couple has spent the last few Couple Cams doing household renovations in excited anticipation of bringing home their baby. Jess and Austin added a patio to their yard and worked to overcome a leaky pipe in the basement, all in the name of creating a nice space for their new baby.

The countdown is on until Jess and Austin bring a new addition into the MAFS family, and with only a few short weeks left, they can’t wait to meet Baby H.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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