MAFS: Jamie Otis’s baby nephew is in a ‘lot of therapy’ following horrific ordeal, still no arrest in the case

MAFS Jamie Otis looks concerned
MAFS Jamie Otis is frustrated. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight’s Jamie Otis recently posted an update on her baby nephew, Jayme. Jamie reported he is doing better but still in a “lot of therapy” and that the abuse case has grown cold.

Baby Jayme is healing

Jamie Otis was happy to report in a recent post that her baby nephew was recovering well from his horrific ordeal. Jamie posted three pictures of the baby, one of him smiling in his car seat with his big blue eyes shining, one of him playing on a swing, and the last one, a closeup of his little face.

Jamie added that it was almost impossible to tell what baby Jayme had been through by just looking at him as he was progressing so quickly.

The third photo she posted provided an update of baby Jayme’s progress and the stalled case. The picture revealed one of baby Jayme’s eyes is not quite back to normal, as it still pulls slightly to the side, but aside from that, the baby looks much better than the last time we saw him.

Jamie Otis included that the case had grown cold, which was mind-blowing to her, but that she had learned it was unfortunately quite common in these types of cases. She also added that her sister and brother-in-law were focusing all their energy on baby Jayme’s recovery and they were still hopeful for a full one.

jamie otis's nephew jayme on instagram
Pic credit: @jamienotis/Instagram

Jamie starts the post off with a picture of baby Jayme happily in his car seat, commenting on his beautiful eyes.

The second picture goes more in-depth with his current condition and the therapy he is still having to go through.

jamie otis's nephew jayme on instagram
Pic credit: @jaminotis/Instagram

Jamie explained that the patch he wore in the second photo was because his eyesight was still not quite back to normal and the patch was part of his therapy. Jamie added that it was almost impossible to tell what he had been through by just looking at him.

Jamie ended the post with the sad news that the case has grown cold, but with the good news that the family is still hopeful for a full recovery for baby Jayme.

jamie otis's nephew jayme on instagram
Pic credit: @jamienotis/Instagram

Jamie added her appreciation for all that contributed to the family’s GoFundMe account to help with the baby’s extensive medical bills, saying it was “beyond helpful.” She promised to keep adding updates and includes the hashtag #justiceforjayme, the page dedicated to helping find justice for baby Jayme and what happened to him.

Baby Jayme’s ordeal

It is every parent’s worst nightmare, and MAFS Jamie Otis’s sister lived it.

Shortly after dropping her infant son off at the babysitter’s, Jamie’s sister received a phone call that her baby was unresponsive in the hospital in the throes of multiple seizures. The family struggled to understand how the baby could have been fine a few hours before, and then be hospitalized with seizures and unexplained bruising.

The ordeal continued as the baby was put in a medically induced coma and scans revealed several broken bones, too many for it to have been the result of an accident.

It became clear to the doctors and the baby’s family that what had happened to baby Jayme was no accident as police became involved and the investigation continued.

Jamie gave an update that the baby had been released from the hospital but was still experiencing pain in his recovery. She expressed her family’s frustration and their hope that the investigation would yield some results and that Jayme would start feeling better soon.

While it seems like the case may not be making much progress, it does seem as though the family’s wish for baby Jayme to start feeling better is finally coming true.

Keep it up, little guy!

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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